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There are lots of great sessions and exhibitors to connect with at the annual ACCT show starting on January 19-29, 2021. We will highlight sessions and fun happenings at the exhibitor booths in the lead up to the conference. Since this is a new experience for all of us, we’ve rounded up some advice on how to plan and best use your time around this virtual industry gathering. Read that article here, “Tips For Attending the 2021 ACCT Virtual Conference

(L to R) ACCT’s Shawn Tierney, Hubbard Merrell Engineering’s Micah Henderson, Vail’s Jamie Barrow, and Bonsai Design’s Thaddeus Shrader, address key considerations for aerial park planning at the ACCT Conference in 2019.

Check out the full list of workshops here.

Session Highlights:

Open Forums:

Not registered to attend the conference? There are still some sessions you can join for free!

These sessions include open forum discussions, the annual general meeting, and the ACCT Awards.

Check out the schedule here.

Pre-Conference Sessions:

In a normal year, attendees would have to choose just one pre-conference session. This year, attendees can register for multiple pre-conference workshops and view them all online!

Frontline Legal Insights and Strategies
De-mystifying ACCT Standards
Trees and Courses: Plan for Success
Technical Knowledge for Future Certified Inspectors
Table Top Team Building
zipSTOP Installer and Inspector Course
Developing Your Authentic Facilitation Style

Learn more about the pre-conference sessions here.

The Devil’s in the Data

Live on January 27, 9am EDT, Presenter: Sarah Borodaeff, Adventure Park Insider

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the aerial adventure industry, but just how big of an impact are we talking about? We’ll compare year-over-year business trends and data from the 2019 and 2020 Adventure Park Insider State of the Industry survey results and discuss what it might take to get “back to normal.”

Learning Objectives:

  • Knowledge and understanding of industry business metrics.
  • Ability to break down the data into applicable benchmarks.
  • Understanding of how to apply the data to your business.

Visual Tree Assessment for Adventure Courses 

Live on January 26 at 4pm EDT, Presenters: Scott Baker, Katie Hogan and Kathryn Taylor

Be sure you are keeping an eye on the trees supporting and surrounding your adventure course! Learn to conduct simple daily inspections and when to call an arborist. Discuss ACCT and ASTM standard requirements for tree inspection and what to expect from your arborist. Leave the class with simple handouts to conduct inspections as soon as you get back home.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about tree biology, common tree defects, and potential hazards that might impact your course.
  • Practice identifying tree defects and hazards from photos and learn when to call your arborist.
  • Leave with a checklist of simple daily inspections your team can use to keep your course safe.

Get prepared for the session by checking out some of the articles from the speakers:

DIY Tree Care by Katie Hogan and Kathryn Taylor
Managing Trees: 10 Key Ideas by Scott Baker
Tree Biology and Biomechanics by Scott Baker

Basic Principles of Gear Inspection

Live on Jan. 25, 9am EDT. Presenter: Korey Hampton, French Broad Adventures

Intended for those who may be new to the industry, who have recently been tasked with gear inspection at their facility, or those that are looking for foundational knowledge. Things we might cover are: “How much rust is too much rust?”, “How much fraying is allowed on a harness?”, and “Can I use a carabiner after I drop it”?

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the basic principles of how to properly and thoroughly inspect a piece of gear.
  • Learn when to retire gear and when you may be able to continue to use it.
  • Learn where to look for resources and clarification if necessary.

Get prepared for the session by checking out some of the articles on gear maintenance:

Care-a-biner by Dave Zook
Protect the Dome by Dave Zook
Keeping Trolleys in Line
by Chris Rooney
Look and Feel 
by Rob Manson


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