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The future is uncertain at the moment. So we’re huddling, virtually, with fellow industry members to discuss the current situation and how best to proceed. Together we will share our challenges and work on sharing solutions. “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

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Trends and Considerations for Staffing Up This Summer

We’re getting ready for the 2021 summer season and onboarding new staff. But, this past year we experienced significant challenges and changes to our business and to our staff. Are staff coming back from being furloughed? Did you lose some staff?  Are you struggling with finding applicants? Are you changing your onboarding processes?

This is a good time to consider trends and developments related to staffing, such as communication, employee expectations, training, and ways to keep staff engaged. Join us as we discuss trends in hiring, how to draw a strong applicant pool with your job description, cultivating a strong company culture, and hiring for diversity. Staffing is often one of the biggest hurdles operators face, and our panel of experts will share insight on how to turn that challenge into an opportunity.

The Roundtable
Paul Thallner, High Peaks Group
Courtney Condy, Occupation Wild
Rachel Maestri-Hailey, RH Consulting
Lori Pingle, ZipZone
Reece Phillips, Sonoma Canopy Tours

Listen to the podcast here:

Echo Canyon River Expeditions “A Day in the Life” Video

In the meantime, listen to past Huddles on PodSAM, the podcast channel of our sister publication, SAM (Ski Area Management) Magazine.

Download opening images from North Shore Adventure Park

Download opening images from the Adventure Park at Storrs

Download the Business Toolkit Signage from the Government of New Zealand

Download “COVID-19 Re-Opening Advice & Considerations” from Vertex Training

Download “Framework for COVID-19 Protection Measures for Staff and Guests in Connection with the Re-opening of Stationary Ropes Courses in Germany” from ERCA

Download “Examples of Options for the Development of a Corona Hygienic Plan (Scope: Germany)” from ERCA

Download the “Tennessee Pledge” for Attractions and Large Venues from the State of Tennessee

View “Six Steps to Extraordinary Experiences (Socially Distanced)” from Zip World UK

Download the “Camp Operations Guide” from the American Camp Association

Download “Getting Started with Online Training” from Be A Better Guide

Download a PDF on “Getting Started with Digital Training” from Be A Better Guide

Download the “People Recovery Playbook” from High Peaks Group

Download “Preparing for the Comeback” from Blend Inc.

Download the debrief from our last conversation on “Operating in the New Normal”.

Looking for more information on discussion groups to deep dive this topic? Leahy & Associates has partnered with ACCT on next steps for this conversation. To join, email [email protected].

We’ll be doing these huddles weekly as long as they make sense. Staying connected in these times is more important than ever.