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Who We Are

Adventure Park Insider, a trade magazine for the adventure park industry, aims to be the go-to information resource for adventure park operators, experts, professionals and suppliers. It will be a forum for sharing best practices, successful strategies, and management insights on all aspects of operations. From technology to guest safety, marketing to staffing, training to planning, Adventure Park Insider will speak to all levels within the adventure park industry.

Publishing Expertise

Beardsley Publishing Corporation also publishes SAM (Ski Area Management) magazine. Started in 1962 as a trade publication for owners and operators of ski resorts, SAM became a forum for the exchange of ideas in the day-to-day operations of running a successful resort and today is considered the “bible” of the industry. The bi-monthly SAM caters to the resorts and the suppliers that serve them by delivering strong editorial that influences, educates and entertains.

Adventure Park Insider is based on the same model. It is driven by people who know, understand and deeply care for the outdoor adventure park world. The staff at Beardsley Publishing, along with our top-notch team of contributors, hope you will join our community by subscribing to the magazine. 

The Adventure Park Industry’s Exciting and Fast Growth

The new breed of adventure parks meets the growing demand for authentic outdoor experiences that the whole family can enjoy. They are so new, in fact, that they continue to grow and expand in new directions, drawing increasing numbers of participants. And as they grow, they are adding activities, amenities, services, and creature comforts for their burgeoning audience. \

Adventure parks typically include aerial challenge and ropes courses and zip lines of all heights and lengths. In size, these parks range from small community facilities and mom and pop operations to destination parks with regional and even national clienteles.

Whatever their size or market, adventure parks begin with the basic thrill of aerial adventure, combined with the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from overcoming the challenges and novelty of being up in the air. These activities may also be combined with a variety of other land- or water-based activities to form some unique attractions—the list of complementary activities is nearly unlimited.

The staff at Beardsley Publishing, along with our top-notch team of contributors, invite you to give us your feedback. Email the publisher, Olivia Rowan at: [email protected].