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Spring Summer 2024
New Products
New Products — Spring/Summer 2024

Industry suppliers have released new products designed to smooth operations and keep things fresh. The team at Adventure Park Insider has rounded up a selection of these new products from the ACCT annual expo, Mountain Planet, and elsewhere.

Health and Safety
Not Safe For Work

When it comes to OSHA violations, these 10 repeat offenses can sneak past aerial activity operators.

The Brain and Fear

Understanding how the brain processes fear can be a key to both improving the participant experience and designing successful facilitated programs.

Capturing Customers

Aerial adventure parks and zip line tours have a host of options to provide photos and videos to their customers, but what’s the best route?

Builder Profile
Ready and ABEE

Experientially-oriented ABEE continues to evolve while focusing on the many things it does well.

Trees and Bad Weather

Understanding the effects of weather events on trees in and around your operation is vital to maintaining a safe, healthy property.

Aerial Adventure
Successful Sending

It’s important to examine what works when it comes to establishing effective zip line operator communications.

Braking News

Despite a failure to achieve consensus on hand braking in the 2022 ANSI/ACCT Draft Standard, its more controversial aspects remain a topic of discussion.