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Winter 2023
Moving Day

Key considerations for buying or selling an aerial adventure operation.

Measure What Matters

How many excuses can we come up with to avoid analyzing any numbers or financial statements beyond just guest count and your bank checking account balance? Even picking up trash in the parking lot seems more important than gritting your teeth and staring at your income statement. It can be so overwhelming. Why even do

Customer Service
Park Spy — Winter 2023

THE QUESTION: MY FAMILY IS HOPING TO VISIT YOUR PARK A BUNCH. DO YOU HAVE ANY OPTIONS FOR US TO COME FREQUENTLY? It is a universally acknowledged truth that families are still in want of outdoor activities. The data (in this case the annual Outdoor Industry Association “Participation Trends Report”) say that outdoor participation continued

Health and Safety
Reasonable Expectations

An employee accident serves as a lesson in safety equipment procedures and our legal duty of care owed to guests.

State of the Standards

Experts discuss how the ANSI/ACCT Draft Standards came to be, and the potential impact the revisions may have.

Tech Planning

A guide to determining internal technology needs and what to ask of suppliers.

Adapting for Your Audience

The story of Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp, the experiences it provides to a unique clientele, and the challenges it faces.

Staffing & Training
Designing Hybrid Training

A combination of in-person and virtual training can be efficient and effective—here’s how to design a program of your own.

Building Bridges

Experiential Resources Inc. has evolved and found its niche building “cool stuff.”