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Winter 2024
Staffing & Training
People Person

Guidance for staying abreast of human resources compliance, establishing policies, and developing culture.

Park Spy
Park Spy — Winter 2024

The question: I want to come zip lining and I have a service dog that almost never leaves my side. Can she join me on the tour? Is there a way to accommodate us?

Talking Shop

Operators discuss business, staffing, marketing, competition, and more.

Kids’ Harnesses

Children are basically small adults, as far as harnesses are concerned, but their gear can still benefit from some kid-specific features.

Profiting From Nature

Immersive natural settings are part of the aerial adventure experience and can be a major selling point.

Park 360 Case Studies
Park 360 — Winter 2024

In describing Quarry Park Adventures, an adventure park in an abandoned quarry in Rocklin, Calif., the old cliché is inescapable: this is a park that exists, literally, between a rock and a hard place. Built in a quarry, it is a unique setting that presents both challenges and opportunities. From Liability to Asset First, a

Builder Profile
Builder Profile: Keep on Trekking

Guided by the principle to provide opportunities for connection, The Trekking Group has continually broadened its scope to make that possible in a variety of ways.

Design & Build
Building for the Future

Busy builders see demand for facilities upgrades as post-Covid competition for leisure time activities increases.