New Products — Fall 2017


Adventure Park Insider rounded up a variety of new products for operators to consider.

PMI Falcon

PMI is introducing the Falcon helmet, designed for use in work-at-height and for professional rescue, which meets EN 397 standards for industrial helmets. The Falcon is equipped with a four-point suspension system to reduce impact, and a ventilation system with metal mesh for air circulation and protection from debris. It also sports headlamp/goggle retainer clips and an adjustment dial for customized fitting. It comes with a removable, and thus washable, moisture-wicking headband liner. With all that, it still weighs less than one pound.


ZipFlyer V2 ZipRunner Trolley and ZipCoaster Shuttle

ZipFlyer has released its new V2 ZipRunner Trolley and ZipCoaster Shuttle. The V2 system features a patented variable dynamic eddy current braking system, which is engineered to offer consistent speeds while accounting for variables such as weather, changing slope conditions, and participant weight. It is designed to provide high levels of safety and consistent performance for a wide range of rider weights.


Koala Equipment Pouliz 3.0

Koala Equipment has continued to improve its Pouliz continuous belay system with the introduction of the Pouliz 3.0. The Pouliz 3.0 features a slightly larger design than the 2.0, allowing for increased stability when zipping. It comes equipped with a top cover, which meets European standards and protects the bearings from debris, as well as an automatic closing gate. The 360-degree swivel is incorporated to improve ease of use. The Pouliz 3.0 is compatible with all Pouliz accessories.


Walltopia Self Belay

Walltopia is introducing its latest innovation, the Self Belay—a climbing connector with a safety feature that only allows users to climb when they are properly attached to the device. The connector cannot be opened while climbing—users can only connect and disconnect when on the ground. Climbers click the SB Maillon, a special carabiner, into the device, which cannot be detached until the climber is once again on the ground. Participants as young as five years old can use the Self Belay device on their own, so operations may be able to reduce the number of required staff that would normally assist climbers. The device is compatible with webbing auto belays and steel cable auto belays.


Kanopeo Speedrunner Lanyard

Kanopeo has designed the Speedrunner Lanyard as an additional attachment option for operations equipped with the Speedrunner continuous belay system. The lanyard attaches directly to the Kanhook (PPE) clip, and the shorter end of the lanyard has a “PIER’O,” a plastic holding device that keeps the carabiner in line with the direction of travel and protects the lanyard. The lanyard is made with 9.5mm semi-static rope and features a wraparound protective fabric that covers the termination stitches for increased durability. The Speedrunner Lanyard requires no additional linkages for use with the Speedrunner continuous belay system. The lanyard is CE Certified PPE 89/686/CE and has a lifetime of 1800 days in use.


Elephant Hub by MARK

Ropes Park Equipment is now offering the Elephant Hub by MARK, a descending device designed for multiple-person rescue at height as well as general work-at-height applications. It is recommended for aerial adventure parks, zip line tours, and other applications that may require rescue at height. The Elephant Hub has a load capacity of 496 pounds, with a controlled descent speed of approximately .8m/second (2.6 feet/second). It has an automatic, redundant brake system, with two flywheel brakes and steel drum brakes, allowing for two people to descend simultaneously. It can be used both as a shuttle system and rescue tandem. The Elephant Hub is made in Austria by MARK Save A Life GmbH and imported by Ropes Park Equipment, Inc.


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