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Adventure Park Insider rounded up several new products for adventure park operators with the idea of boosting operational efficiency, pleasing guests, and providing a better all-around experience.


Quantum Zip Line System

Ropes Park Equipment introduced the new Quantum Zip Line System at the Association for Challenge Course Technology Conference in February. The patent-pending system utilizes magnetically-based technology to regulate speed and allows for positive slope zip lines, curved zip lines, and regulated zip line riding and landing speeds. The system can be integrated into new zip line plans and construction, or retrofitted to any existing ½-inch straight zip line. The Quantum system meets all standards set by both ACCT and ASTM International. The Quantum is expected to be available for sale through Ropes Park Equipment in Fall 2018.

Koala Pneumatic Zip Brake

Using pneumatic technology, Koala’s new zip brake progressively adjusts to the zip-liner’s weight and speed to help gently stop participants at the end of the line. The pneumatic brake dampens the stopping action. For lighter participants, the first actuator delivers gentle “damping” of the impact during compression. For heavier participants that compress the second actuator, a stronger braking force is delivered. The brake itself is 7.5 feet long with a 4.5-foot spring stroke. It weighs less than 18 pounds, and can handle a max speed of 21.75 mph with max participant weight of 286 pounds. Koala says it can be installed on wire rope in just a “few minutes” using only an Allen wrench.

Grab-Catch Hook

The all-new Grab-Catch Hook accessory from ISC is intended to prevent guests who may not make it to the platform under their own momentum from sliding back to the belly of the cable and requiring a guide retrieval. The Hook integrates with ISC Zippey or ZipSpeed trolleys and can be retrofitted to either trolley using standard tools. A hoop attached to the zip line’s brake block completes the system. When zipliners reach the bottom platform, the hook on the trolley captures the hoop on the brake block. That prevents the end-of-line braking system from propelling users back down the line as it resets its position, and reduces the incidence of participant retrievals. And that cuts down on the time and energy staff expend on these retrievals.

Fotaflo 2

Fotaflo 2, Fotaflo’s latest software, is all about control. For one thing, it gives operators a cost model that allows them to sell photos or give them away. Operators can choose to sell photos on-site or online to drive immediate revenue, or provide photos free of charge to participants in order to generate trackable referrals. The automated software uploads and delivers branded and edited photo and video sets to participants via email or text. The system tracks social media interaction with guest media for trackable referral marketing results. Additionally, the updated software includes a new user interface and allows for direct downloads of photos for use in operator marketing.


The Zip 360 from Zipline Innovations is a video-camera mount with a 360-degree camera that integrates with compatible trolleys for 360-degree video taken from above the zip line. The mount attaches directly to the top of the trolley (as shown above), and records the ride as the guest descends. The resulting video allows for a unique take-home for guests to share their zip line experience. Patent pending.

Single Redundant Slingline

Ropes Courses, Inc., is now offering the Single Redundant Slingline (SRS). The SRS will replace the older double slingline. It can be retrofitted to any Sky Trail or Sky Tykes ropes course, or Clip ‘n Climb climbing wall. The single line eliminates the need for slotted webbing, reducing maintenance costs while increasing durability and strength. Redundancy is achieved by sewing together the continuous exterior loop, the redundant inner loop, and the inner carabiner loops. This connection allows for one slingline, but with two separate safety attachments on the harness. The SRS has a five-year service life, and is said to meet all U.S. regulatory requirements; it is also in the final stages of receiving the CE mark that certifies compliance with the essential requirements of the European Free Trade Association and European Union.

Adventure Matrix

The Adventure Matrix from American Adventure Park Systems is a customizable aerial adventure tower. Its footprint can be adapted to different shapes and sizes, and the tower can be built to heights up to more than 70 feet. Manufactured in the U.S. of aluminum and high tensile strength steel foundations and stainless steel connectors, the structural integrity of the system allows for minimal angle bracing, guy wires, and foundation, leaving more room for adventure elements. The Adventure Matrix is compatible with any continuous closed belay system, including smart belays.

Sigma Digital Storage

Sigma collects and stores credentials and achievements in an easy-to-access digital space. Working with organizations such as the United States Parachute Association, Sigma digitizes licenses, ratings, awards, membership cards, and certifications that have historically been issued on paper. A free service, Sigma is accessible via a web dashboard or an iOS or Android app. Organizations and individuals can access, upload, update, and verify achievements or credentials, and are guaranteed access to the most up-to-date versions of the credentials they’ve received in professional or leisure activities.

ECO Sit Harness

The Deimos ECO Sit harness is a lightweight half-seat harness. Tested and certified to meet the EN 12277 standards, the ECO Sit is suitable for indoor climbing and challenge courses. The harness has a waist size range of 12 inches to 52 inches, allowing it to fit a wide range of guests from children to adults, and weighs in at 16 oz.


The LIGHTSPEED EZ Clip Trolley from Head Rush Technologies is an impact trolley designed for zip line use. It’s made of high-strength, tempered aluminum alloy for a durable front impact surface and is equipped with an EZ clip trigger allowing for one-handed installation. The LIGHTSPEED trolley has a pivoting design, so the carabiner can move with the rider and keep the trolley on the cable for a smoother ride, which also reduces wear on the trolley. Produced with four ABEC rated bearings, the LIGHTSPEED is rated for speeds up to 75 mph.

ZIPKEA Brake and EAD

The ZIPKEA and ZIPKEA [EAD] by Hackwell Innovations is a self-contained braking and retrieval solution. It is fitted with 8 or 12 wheels within the housing, which self-regulates the amount of braking force based on the speed at which the rider makes contact with the braking system. Kinetic energy produced by the rider is absorbed by the brake to slow down the rider, without producing heat or friction, according to Hackwell. The faster a rider engages the brake, the more pressure it applies. The ZIPKEA also features a hook on the front that opens when the trolley makes contact with the brake, hooking the carabiner and springing closed magnetically once the carabiner is inside the capture. With the hook engaged, a guide can easily retrieve a guest whose momentum doesn’t carry them all the way to the platform. The ZIPKEA can also be used as a secondary braking system, or EAD, requiring no guide input.

Singenuity Management Software

Singenuity is an adventure and amusement management software solution that was developed in partnership with CLIMB Works Zip Line Canopy Tour. The software offers online and in-person booking features, paperless waivers, point-of-sale, and an integrated photo system built into the software. The system allows for management of multiple locations and can also perform inventory management for retail operations.


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