New Products :: Spring Summer 2017


Adventure Park Insider rounded up a variety of new products for park operators to consider.


Koala Equipment introduces the new Pouliz 2.1 pulley for its continuous belay system. This new pulley has a cover on top and is slightly wider than previous designs. It remains compatible with the Pouliz accessories, including the Handle to avoid turning on zip lines; and the Pulley Pocket (see below), which prevents the trolley from being dragged on the ground while users are in transit.


Ropes Park Equipment is now offering The Stepper by Monkey Hardware. This adjustable climbing product is a steel foothold that straps around a tree or pole, creating an instant ladder without needing to use any bolts or nails. They can be combined in any quantity to climb practically any height. The Stepper is adjustable, moveable, and tree friendly.



The Diddy Deluxe Utility Bag from Aerial Adventure Tech allows you to keep your tools, notepads, gloves, and snacks right at your hip or back. The bag is made of 180oz vinyl and 600d polyester, which sheds water and is tear resistant. Its low profile allows it to fit any harness belt up to five-inches wide. The main compartment has a double-layered bottom with drainage grommet and two exterior pockets for smaller tools, plus a snap top closure to keep everything secure. You can also customize bags with your company’s logo.



The HiRope by Kanopeo is an adjustable lanyard system specifically designed for use on ropes courses. It can be used in two positions: locked, allowing only guides and/or operators to manipulate it; and open, allowing for the user to manage the length of the lanyard throughout the course. The HiRope is designed to work as a shock absorber in the event of a fall. It meets EN 358 and EN 15567-1 Standards, and can be used with any existing system.



Iplayco’s Lil’ Ninja course is a new take on kids’ playgrounds. The customizable courses include extreme, but “contained” ninja elements, such as angled climbs, various obstacles, slides, and ball pits. Plus, the play structure can come with timing equipment that allows for team challenges, team-building opportunities, individual races, and high score competitions, with results shown on custom display monitors. Video cameras can also be set up within the structure so spectators can watch on the monitors as kids take on the course.



The Takat 40 is a new lanyard by Deimos. It is designed to hold up to 5,000 pounds, which means it can be used as a back-up solution for most trolley applications. The length of the lanyard is adjustable from 12- to- 40-inches, allowing for a wide range of uses. With built-in redundancies, the Takat 40 reduces the clutter of extra lanyards.



The Ninja Course is the latest product from Walltopia Adventure. The custom-made obstacle course features a wide variety of elements, including hanging bars and swings, poles, climbing bars, and sliders that can be adjusted to various levels of difficulty. Ninja Courses can be customized for indoor or outdoor use and combined with trampolines, climbing walls, outdoor leisure centers, and adventure facilities.



The eGRIPS SoCo Sleeping Giant is a monster addition to a climbing wall. It measures a foot deep and two and a half feet long. The tapered sloping sides make for a tough squeeze, but guests who reach for the top of this jug shape will find the sweet spot.



The Harken Riggers Winch from Atlantic Rigging Supply provides the user with a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch mounted to a robust adaptor plate. It weighs 15.40 lbs., with a half-ton working load limit, and its two-speed winch maximizes operator pulling-power by up to 40 times. Multiple mounting options provide versatility when working in difficult or remote environments, and allow the user to custom mount it to platforms, trees, utility poles, etc. It can be tethered to a climbing harness or backpack when accessing a remote location. The Harken Riggers Winch is available in two sizes. Price starts at $1225.



SherrillTree introduces its new Notch Big Shot Trigger. This line-setting accessory complements the SherrillTree Big Shot slingshot that gives arborists and other work at height professionals the means to hurl throw weights to new heights. The trigger has a quick connect and mid pole adjustment, allowing for reduced fatigue, improved accuracy, and integrated trigger safety.



PicThrive is a cloud platform that makes it fast and easy for tour operators to sell photos and videos, and turn social sharing into new bookings and reviews. Guests can buy, view, and share photos and videos immediately after their experience.



KoolReplay provides automatic video and picture capture with instant distribution, bridging the fixed cameras and your client’s smartphone without the need for additional staff. KoolReplay provides guests with instant access to videos of their experience, which they can share instantly to social media.





Koala Equipment’s newest product is the Pulley Pocket. The Pulley Pocket prevents equipment from dragging on the ground, thus avoiding damage. It can be attached to any harness with its two press-studs. The mouth of the pocket remains open and is large enough all types of trolleys, making it easy to drop one inside and take it back out when needed.



Aerial Designs’ new Aerial Zip Trolley is engineered with oversized wheels for use on long, fast, and smooth zip lines that reach speeds up to 60 mph. It is designed for ZipSTOP high velocity braking and Aerial Braking System ­retrieval-free operation. The trolley features dual clip-in holes: the front hole is moved forward for impact reduction so the trolley doesn’t lift up at impact; the rear hole is for clipping fall-arrest backup into. The side plates are thick enough and the sheave wheels deep enough to clip separate handles in the downhill hole.


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