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THE QUESTION: I’m planning a visit to your park with my three children. Two of them are older, but I also have a 6-year-old daughter. I was wondering if you had anything for younger kids?


First contact: Male.
API: Stated question.
Staff: Um, so there’s not so much for them do at our zip line operation right now. If they’re not at the weight limit of 70 pounds they are welcome to just hang out at the outpost, but if they’re under 10 we would like them to be accompanied by an adult.
API: Hmm, OK.
Staff: But have you heard of our sister company X Water Adventures? They have some really fun river trips and can accommodate younger kids.
API: I didn’t know about that, but that could be a fun option.
Staff: Yeah, absolutely. They’re right down the street from us. I can give you their number if you’d like, and you can find out more details directly from them…
API: Great. Is it possible to do both in one day?
Staff: It is. What you could probably do that would be the easiest is come do the zip line in the morning with your older kids and then a lower river trip in the afternoon. It’s a pretty full day, but definitely possible. Would you like their number?
API: Sure thing. [Given number]
API: Well thanks so much for offering another option for my younger one. I really appreciate it.
Staff: Sure thing, have a great day.

Rating: 8.5
Comment: They may not be able to accommodate younger kids, but high points for giving me another option instead of just saying “no.”



First contact: Female.
API: Stated question.
Staff: You said she’s six?
API: Yes.
Staff: Yeah, eight is our minimum age, um, so the only real thing we have that that age can do is the gemstone mining, where they get a bag of dirt and we have a sluice and they have fun finding little gemstones.
API: Oh, interesting! Do you have staff to supervise that?
Staff: Um, I don’t know how comfortable you are leaving her on her own. I mean there would be someone around here, but, not really.
API: So really you don’t have staff?
Staff: Um, right. I mean she could ride along and watch and be with you guys the whole time. That’s another option.
API: On the zip lines?
Staff: Yea. What we do is take everyone up to the first zipline in a 4-wheel drive. We often have observers who come along to watch.
API: Hmm, OK.
Staff: OK, thanks.

Rating: 4
Comment: So really I have no option.
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