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Park 10, NC

First contact: Female.
API: Stated question.
Staff: We do. We have our X course that is ages 5 and up. Um, we have, uh, parents can go on with them, um, they don’t necessarily have to or they can walk along and watch or they can go on with them. We do have a 200-pound weight limit. And then for our bigger zip lines the minimum age is 8 years old, 70 pounds and 54 inches tall and the maximum weight limit is 250.
Staff: And then we do have our giant swing um, there’s no weight limit, but you have to be at least 48 inches tall. Silence…
API: Great. So there are a couple of options for her.
Staff: Yes.
API: Great, well thanks so much.
Staff: Of course. Do you want to go ahead and make a reservation?
API: Well I’m not quite ready yet, but do you recommend reservations.
Staff: Oh yes! We will be getting very busy soon so I would definitely recommend one.
API: Will do, thanks!

Rating: 4
Comment: Basic info and a reservation tip, but a quick website mention would have been helpful as there are a ton of details for new customers. Not so much in this phone call unfortunately.


Park 11, FL

First contact: Automated machine. Chose booking option.
Answering phone: Male.
API: Stated question.
Staff: How old are the two older ones?
API: Twelve.
Staff: OK, so they would need an adult to go with them on the course. And, um, you’re mom, right?
API: Yup.
Staff: So you would just fill out two minor waivers when you get here. And then how old if your younger one?
API: She’s six.
Staff: OK, um, we have the X course, but she would also need an adult to walk along the ground with her. You don’t have to do the course, you can just walk along with her.
API: OK. So basically all my kids can’t do something at the same time?
Staff: Correct. Unless you have another adult with you. The adult who walks along with the six year old doesn’t has to be a parent, they just can’t be a minor.
API: OK, but the adult going with my older kids does have to be their parent?
Staff: Yes.
API: Um, OK. Well that’s pretty clear. At least there’s something for my younger one to do.
Staff: Oh yea. They’ll have a blast. Just make sure they’re all wearing athlete shoes.
API: Will do. Thanks!

Rating: 8
Comment: Short and sweet and to the point.


Park 12, Canada

First contact: Automated machine. Chose operator.
Answering phone: Male
API: Stated question.
Staff: We do. So we have our mini zips for kids so those you have to be under 70 pounds and they’re three cables attached between trees with swing seats on trolleys that hang there. The kids have a lot of fun on them. And um, you just pay $15 once and get a wrist band and then your six year old can come back however many times she wants while you’re here camping, or for the day, however long you’re here.
API: Great! Does she need to be accompanied by an adult or is it supervised?
Staff: No, that’s not a supervised thing so you would have to be there with here.
API: Hmm. OK. So I couldn’t go with my older kids on the aerial course while my younger daughter is doing the mini zips?
Staff: Yea, unless you had someone else here to watch her.
API: Right. OK. That’s fine. But at least you have stuff for her.
Staff: Oh yea. We also have a climbing wall she could do. The weight minimum is 50 pounds as is our bigger course, but the climbing wall is the one thing we can make an expectation on so if they’re lighter we just adjust the equipment bit.
API: Great. Thanks!
Staff: No problem. Really quick though before I let you go just so you’re aware if you’re booking the canopy tours you will want to book before you come. If you just show up you might not be able to get in on the day you come.
API: Good to know. Thank you!

Rating: 8
Comment: Clear information with an helpful reservations tip.
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