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First contact: Male.
API: Stated question.
Staff: Yeah, we have a giant trampoline and two obstacle courses on the backside. Silence…
API: Um, OK…
Staff: Um.
API: Yeah. So…
Staff: Is it something in particular you’re looking for?
API: Not really. I just have a friend who recommended your park and I’m not worried about my two older kids, but wanted to see if there was anything for my younger daughter.
Staff: Yes, sure! For younger kids we have a giant trampoline, which all the kids love, and then we have two obstacles courses on the backside. One requires a harness and the other doesn’t. But they don’t get to zip, that’s the only thing.
API: OK, no problem. Well those sound like good options. They’re just like little ropes courses?
Staff: Yup. Yes ma’am.
API: Great. Well thanks. I just wanted to make sure you had something available.
Staff: Ooook. We look forward to seeing you in the trees. Have a wonderful day.

Rating: 7
Comment: A quick website mention would have helped me out tremendously to gather more information. They’re website has everything I need to know.



First contact: Male.
API: Stated question.
Staff: For the younger child we have an X climb, which is like a rock climb wall on a tree. And they just have to be 30 pounds. They can do that, but cannot do anything else.
API: OK. I’m sure she’ll have fun with that. How long does it take?
Staff: She gets 30 minutes.  Silence…
API: OK. Can she do it more than once?
Staff: Yup. Silence…
Staff: Yeah, thanks for calling.

Rating: 3
Comment: Yeah, thanks for not much information or enthusiasm.



First contact: Female.
API: Stated question.
Staff: Yeah! We have what’s called our Tree Walk Village, which is kind of like a playground in the trees. That usually takes up about an hour or an hour and a half of their time, and it’s $25 per person.
API: Oh fun, great.
Staff: Yeah! And then if you’re looking for something else for them to do while the others are finishing up the obstacle course, we also have Monkey Grove, which is a series of trees with rock climbing footholds attached to them. You’re in a harness and helmet, but you can climb up to the top and then swing down like a monkey to the bottom. That one is $15 per person and takes about an hour of their time.
API: Are those two things supervised, or do I need to be with her?
Staff: Um, no, you don’t need to be with her. We have a guide that monitors them.
API: Perfect. So I could go on the bigger stuff with my older kids while she does that?
Staff: Sure! Any time she’s off the course she would need to be supervised.
API: No problem. I’ll just figure out the timing then.
Staff: No problem. Would you like to make a reservation?
API: Not quite yet, I just wanted to make sure there was something for her, but I can give you a call back. Is it better to reserve online or over the phone?
Staff: Um, well, we do need to take them over the phone as we don’t have an online reservation system at the moment. As well reservations are actually required with us, because we get very busy this time of year and want to make sure we can accommodate all our guests. So as soon as you know your schedule, just give us a call back and we’ll get you all set up!
API: Perfect, thanks!

Rating: 9
Comment:  Enthusiastic attitude with clear answers and explanations.
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