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Park 8, NC

First contact: Male.
API: Stated question
Staff: Um, yea so actually the aerial adventure we offer is aimed for the lower ages or is more acceptable for the lower ages so it’s five and up for that one.
API: Oh, OK.
Staff: Um, and that’s gonna basically be, it’s described as like a jungle gym in the sky type of thing so there’s like, um, different obstacle courses like climbing walls, hoops and nets, swings, tunnels, different things like that. I like can’t say she would be able to go on all the courses because she’s only seven, but, um, she would be able to do more of the courses with your supervision and if you like, um, like you like escort her on some of the courses she’ll be able to do more, but she’ll definitely be able to do the beginner courses by herself.
API: OK, great. So while my older kids are doing the other courses there’s something for her to do.
Staff: Uh yea so, um, as long as the times match up, like the same times. Because they both go out, like, um, or well one could be booked up and the other one won’t be. So if you can find matching times it will be fine.
API: OK so I know I have to book the ziplines for my older kids, but I also have to book time for my younger daughter?
Staff: Correct.
API: OK. Thanks for your help. I’ll make sure to book sooner rather than later.
Staff: OK. Sounds good. Thanks for calling.

Rating: 5
Comment: Um, a slight lack of confidence, but at least he got the basic info across.


Park 9, NH

First contact: Automated machine. Chose “tour bookings”
Answering phone: Female.
API: Stated question.
Staff: Um, we do. Everything we do is based on a weight limit. Our lower limit is fifty pounds and our upper limit is seventy pounds. So it all depends on how much she weighs. Do you know her weight?
API: So they have to weigh at least fifty pounds to participate in anything?
Staff: At least fifty. So our challenge course out back and our lower zip lining course they have to weigh fifty.
API: Great. She’s right around fifty.
Staff: OK. So she can do our challenge course and our lower zip lining course.
API: Awesome, thanks.
Staff: Sure thing. I just want to let you know that we do recommend that you do make reservations as we are entering our busy season so things book fast.
API: Good to know, thanks! Is it easier to do online or over the phone.
Staff: Whatever is easier for you!
API: Thanks!

Rating: 7
Comment: A bit rushed to get off the phone, but she covered the bases and recommended reservations.
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