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October, 2018
What Goes Down, Must Stop

Rapid growth in zip line installations over the past 20 years has spurred evolution in standards, regulations, and solutions for zip line braking.

Everyone Wants to be a Ninja

Ninja courses are a hot trend, and well suited as a complement to aerial courses—for adults as well as kids.

Say Cheese

On-course photography: What’s the best solution? Eight experts weigh in on key considerations.

Putting It All Together

What you don’t know can hurt you. Here are the practical issues you should address when building an aerial adventure park.

Letter from the Editors — Fall 2018

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” It’s an old adage that applies to any business, but especially to our constantly changing and evolving aerial adventure world.

Park Spy — Fall 2018

“My friends booked us for a zip line tour and I am not sure what to expect.”

My Favorite Maintenance Tools

I’m always looking to expand my knowledge of helpful tools, and perhaps add a few new toys to my toolbox. So I reached out to 24 seasoned veterans in the…

April, 2018
New Products- Spring/Summer 2018

Adventure Park Insider rounded up several new products for adventure park operators with the idea of boosting operational efficiency, pleasing guests, and providing a better all-around experience.

Preparing For The Worst

Develop an emergency action plan that works for your operation and local first responders.

Managing Trees: 10 Key Ideas

It takes care and attention to ensure the health of a tree-based adventure course’s most important natural assets

Tell Your Story

When you do something newsworthy, make sure the media know about it –and give them a reason to care.

Build A Better Workplace

Four steps to improve your workplace culture—for everyone
—and boost the bottom line.

Insure Wisely

There’s lots to know about insurance for an aerial adventure park.

To Grow Or Not To Grow

That is the question. For those who choose growth, here’s a look at two different ways to expand an aerial business.

ACCT Program Accreditation Moves Forward

ACCT’s program accreditation initiative has been steadily, and slowly, making progress. The aim is to recognize programs that meet procedural and operational standards set by ACCT.

January, 2018
Adventure Rec vs Adventure Ed

Can a pay-to-play adventure park double as an experiential education facility? The evolution of the adventure-park concept from the experiential education business in the last couple of decades has created…

Part II: Getting Business on the Books

In part II of our series on booking software solutions, we take a look at many different softwares, and a vision of what the next few years have in store.

Let the Children Play

It takes the right equipment and midset to serve the youngest family members.

World of Changes

A look at eight major trends that are shaping the aerial adventure business.


Maintenance advice and product trends for this all-important piece of gear.

New Products — Winter 2018

Adventure Park Insider rounded up a variety of new products for operators to consider. Vert Voltige Innovations Seven Safety Hook The Vert Voltige Innovations Seven safety hook is the newest…

Park Briefs — Winter 2018

IAAPA Breaks Attendance Record The editors of Adventure Park Insider visited the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) show, held Nov. 13-17 in Orlando, Fla. This year’s event set an…

October, 2017
Hybrid Adventure

Offer multiple paths to fun to draw larger crowds who stay longer and spend more.

Rocking Alt Revenue

Adventure parks discover the simple pleasure of revenue from retail and F&B.

Park Spy — Fall 2017

“I am interested in bringing a group from my company to do some teambuilding…”

For the Record

New software makes proper documentation—of inspections, training, maintenance, and waivers—easier.

Happy Returns

One key to success for commercial parks is finding ways to turn visitors into repeat customers.

Planning Ahead

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you find your way there?

April, 2017
The Harness

Insights about all things harness, with our editors’ guide to the latest products.

Blowing in the Wind

Wind considerations for zip lines, and how to mitigate their impacts.

Off the Course

Managing risk starts earlier than you think—even before guests arrive at your location.

Holding On

Tobolt, or to block? Key consideration for tree attachments.

Park Spy— Spring Summer 2017

The question: “My family and I are planning to spend a good portion of the day at your park and I was curious what our options for food are?”

Letter from the Editors — Focus on Professionalism

The industry’s rapid growth is resulting in constant change of technology, design, training, standards, and participation. This makes it increasingly challenging for operators to stay current and make the most informed decisions for their staff, their business, and their customers.

January, 2017
Look and Feel

An overview of fiber life safety rope inspection.

The Iron Way

Via ferratas are a good fit for adventure parks with the right terrain and clientele.

What’s in a Name?

Definitions of key terms and concepts in the aerial adventure world.

Rigging the Game

Key elements of inspection, maintenance, and installation of your equipment.

Marketing Goes Live

Live streaming could be the next big thing. Here’s what you need to know.

New Products — Winter 2017

Adventure Park Insider rounded up seven new products for adventure park operators, aimed at boosting operational efficiency, pleasing guests, and providing a better all-around experience.

November, 2016
The Dirt on Soil

Ensuring the health of your trees starts from the ground up.

Shawn Tierney

The new executive director of ACCT talks about his past and where ACCT is headed.

Zippy Designs

Zip lines and tours remain a competitive but growing field. What makes each one unique?

Digital Booking

Mobile and online booking are becoming ever more essential. Here’s an overview of what’s in store, now and in the near future.

A Sense of Place

For many operations, location holds the key to a park’s identity.

Trends and Insights

Five operators offer their perceptions on a changing business landscape.

How Did You Get Here?

There are many routes to becoming a player in the adventure park business. We look at six very different paths taken.

How to Handle an Incident

Accidents happen. What you do before, during, and after can greatly influence the final outcome.

What Can You Say in a Crisis?

How well do parks handle the media after an incident? Four recent examples provide ample food for thought.

Park Briefs — Fall 2016 Issue

Amicalola Falls Installs Zips Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia, home to one of the highest cascading waterfalls east of the Mississippi, is now home to a new zip line…

April, 2016
Carving Out a Niche

Four parks dish about establishing and communicating their market positions.

A New Twist on Zips

Twisted rail zip lines could become a major new type of aerial installation.

To the Rescue

Rescue and evacuation require the right gear and training. Are you prepared?

Passing Inspection

It takes diligence, care, and a plan to make sure your park or course is ready for guests.

Letter from the Editors — Digital Times

DIGITAL TIMES :: We have a simple goal at Adventure Park Insider: to inform adventure park operators about trends, best practices, and products, and to inspire you to be as successful as possible.

January, 2016
Letter from the Editors

As the candidate American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standard being developed by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) inches closer to approval, it is about to join the alphabet soup of other standards,

Park 360

Giving back to the community can be the right thing to do, on many levels.

On Belay Systems

An overview of the many types of belay systems and what makes each brand unique.

Park Spy Winter 2016

How well do parks calm the fears of the timid? We put customer service to the test.

Park Briefs

New park openings, incidents, supplier news, standards updates and more.

New Products

A look at some of the latest innovations in products small and large.

The Path Ahead

Ski industry experts offer their views on opportunities, challenges, and more.

Toughing It out

Tree health, part II: how trees grow and adapt to the things we do to them.

A Peek Into the Future

Europe’s adventure park scene provides a window on future trends and formats.

Kids Park Here

Parks across the continent are finding clever ways to engage and entertain kids.

Time to Take Stock

Tips and advice on management practices, gleaned from our online column.

Fun and Games

Theme nights are a proven way to attract new customers and entertain regulars.

August, 2015
Park 360

Tips and ideas for growing your business.

Free Falling

Free fall devices amp up the fun at adventure course and zip line facilities.

New Zip Line Products

Adventure Park Insider presents an overview of gear and equipment aimed at improving or expanding operations.

Building Team Spirit

Teambuilding and teambonding can boost revenues and reputations when positioned appropriately.

Booking Along

An overview of sales software options and considerations.

Park Spy August 2015

We put customer service to the test with a pointed question about young kids.

February, 2015
New Products

New gear and equipment aimed at improving or expanding operations. If you have a new product you would like to submit for consideration, please email Sharon Walsh at

After the Fall

Be prepared to communicate in the aftermath of a major incident.

Training Day

Your staff deals with a variety of operational and customer service tasks and challenges each day. How well are they prepared for them?

Weathering the Storm

Aerial adventure parks face a variety of challenges from Mother Nature.

Managing Risk

A close look at pre- and post-loss strategies and concepts.

January, 2015