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To quote Emil Faber, “Knowledge is good.” The more knowledge we all have, the better we’ll be at just about everything. This especially applies to running a business, and more specifically, an aerial adventure operation.

We learn, in part, by acquiring information from reputable resources. Our goal at Adventure Park Insider is, of course, to be such a resource and help you, our readers, be successful. The most comprehensive step we’ve taken toward that goal was last year’s inaugural “Industry Report,” starting with an industry-wide survey and then producing a full report and analysis of the survey results.

The survey is an important means for us to fulfill our primary purpose, which is to become a reliable, even indispensible, resource for operators. Our content aims to inform your business decisions. The industry survey serves that purpose by providing a clear picture of the state of the industry—and a peek at what’s over the horizon.

More than 150 of you responded to last year’s survey, which was a terrific start. This year, though, we’d like to see that number rise. The more participation we have, the more valuable the data will be, and therefore the report and analysis it produces become even more useful for you.

We’ve refined the questions and answer options this year to make the survey easier to complete. You have until Nov. 20 to complete it—but the earlier the better. Mark it on your calendars, encourage your colleagues at other aerial adventure operations to fill it out, and we, as an industry, will be better for it.

To share the results, Adventure Park Insider will present and discuss top-line results in a session at the ACCT Conference in February, and will once again publish a top-line report in our winter issue.

It’s true that, in some cases, ignorance is bliss. But not when it comes to business. We ask you to play a part in helping the industry learn and grow. You can find the survey here.

—The Editors


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