Head Rush Technologies Releases Safety Alert


Updated: The original version of this story incorrectly listed the product as TRUBLUE iQ+ IT. Updated links have been provided. 

Adventure Park Insider Magazine–Natick, Mass., May 10, 2024– Head Rush Technologies has released a safety alert for the following products:

TRUBLUE iQ LT (12.5 m)
TRUBLUE iQ X (20 m)
TRUBLUE iQ+ LT (12.5 m)
TRUBLUE iQ+ XL (20 m)

A component was discovered on a limited number of TRUBLUE auto belay devices that, if mounted below specific heights, could cause impaired retraction and pose a fall or injury hazard. No injuries were reported at the time of the safety alert release. 

The safety alert encourages operators to take the following actions:

1: Check Serial Number: Check the serial number(s) of TRUBLUE iQ and iQ+ device(s). The serial number starts with SN. It can be found on a sticker located on the device handle. The affected serial numbers are:

iQ0014492 through iQ0036407
iQXL01283 through iQXL02678
iQP00110 through iQP00161
iQP000164 through iQP000356
iQXLP0104 through iQXLP0182

If the serial number of your device falls within the affected range, proceed to action #2. If your serial number does not fall within the affected range, you may continue to use it following the device’s operator manual.

2: Measure Mounting Height: Measure the device’s mounting height. The mounting height is the vertical distance from the ground to the device’s nozzle at the very bottom of the device where the webbing spools out, as depicted here:

Use the table below to determine the device’s threshold mounting height. If your device(s) is/are mounted below the height threshold, proceed to action #3. If your device is mounted above the height threshold, you may continue to use it at or above that height following the device’s operator manual.

Model Mounting Height Threshold
TRUBLUE iQ LT and iQ+ LT <9 m (29.5 ft)
TRUBLUE iQ XL and iQ+ XL <17.5 m (57.4 ft)

3: Contact your Authorized Service Center: Please remove the affected device(s) from service immediately and contact your Head Rush Technologies authorized service center for inspection, update (if necessary), and return.

For more information visit: https://headrushtech.com/product-resources/product-use-notifications/

The full safety alert can be read here: https://5957371.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/5957371/Website-Docs/Notifications/SA-0003-v01.pdf


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