New Products — Winter 2019


Innovation springs eternal, from unique new activities to upgraded park staples.


Head Rush Technologies has introduced the successor to its popular QUICKjump free-fall device, the QuickFlight. The QuickFlight has a redundant, dual line system and custom RipCords with overload protection assemblies, and is equipped with eddy-current braking technology. The QuickFlight can be mounted either indoors or outdoors at heights from 6 meters to 23 meters (20 feet to 75 feet), depending on the specific configurations, such as RipCord length of the device. The working capacity of the QuickFlight is 44 to 285 pounds, and it comes with a two-year warranty. The QuickFlight also comes in an XL model.


The Mystical Hex from Wiegand Sports GmbH is a unique variation of a gondola ride combined with a twisted rail zip ride. The gondola-style carriers—aka, vehicles—come in two passenger-orientation options: one is enclosed with passengers sitting face-to-face, the other is open with passengers sitting side-by-side. Both carrier styles are suspended from a steel overhead track. The gravity-driven course can be designed to include upswings, swoops, swinging curves, and drops. Portions of uphill track are controlled by booster wheels, which propel the gondola to the next section of downhill track. The ride track and support structure can be designed for sites that are either sloped or level.
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SPS Filets has expanded its workshop to offer crimped-rope activities. The activities are constructed of a combination of rope strands with a steel wire core. The technique allows for a high-end finish and longer lifespan of the elements. Elements include Himalayan bridges, snake poles, climbing rings, rope ladders, and more. This manufacturing technique also allows a variety of color choices, so operators can further customize their courses.


The Sky Loop is a new thrill ride from Sunkid GmbH. The ride is designed for up to four people to sit on an outrigger, which swings out from the loading platform and performs a 360-degree rotation, hanging riders upside down over open air. The Sky Loop’s platform has a relatively small footprint, about 5 feet by 18 feet, and can be attached to any support that permits safe access for passengers, such as on top of a tower or a rock wall. The estimated throughput is approximately 320 riders per hour at 30 seconds per ride.


The Modular Advantage Mini Golf course from Adventure Golf Services consists of prefabricated, interlocking, flexible panels for 9- or 18-hole courses. The system offers an alternative to a concrete-based course in locations where concrete is unsuitable. It also affords the operator the flexibility to disassemble and move the course to a different location. The courses can be purchased as an owner-installed kit or as a turnkey installation.


The Petzl I’D EVAC self-braking descender is primarily designed for lowering from an anchor. “The new I’D EVAC is designed to be more ergonomic when lowering a person from a zip line or platform. Its handle is reversed, allowing the rescuer to pull against the anchor rather than pushing the handle towards the anchor like current models. This makes the lowering operation more natural and effective,” says Petzl national sales manager Michel Goulet. The I’D EVAC has an integrated anti-panic and anti-error catch limit that reduces the consequences of user error. It also has an auto-lock system that allows the rope to automatically lock without manipulating the handle. The descender has a maximum working load of 250 kg (550 pounds) and meets EN 341 type 2 class A, CE EN 12841 type C, ANSI Z359.4, NFPA 1983 Technical Use, and EAC certification standards.


The Deimos FreeStyle GM harness is a full-body harness featuring either a hard center attachment point or hard outer attachment points, allowing for maximum comfort on longer zip line rides. The harness comes in three sizes to accommodate the widest range of guests: XS-M (80 to 120 pounds; waist size 22” to 44”), M-XL (100 to 230 pounds, waist size 27” to 51”); and L-XXL (220 to 300 pounds, waist size 27” to 54”). Manufactured in Canada, the FreeStyle GM weighs approximately 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds) and is certified to EN1651 standards.


Tube Pro has developed a three-stage platform padding system for zip lines and aerial adventure courses. The multi-colored platform edge pad provides a visual for riders to spot the landing and avoid the platform edge upon approach. The platform landing pad, six to eight inches thick, provides impact cushioning upon landing, while the tree/tower pads protect both the tree and rider. The tree pads come equipped with adjustable straps to provide a snug fit while considering tree health. Pads can be purchased individually or as a package to suit a variety of platform and tower designs, and can be custom screen printed with instructions, information, or with the course logo.


The Pouliz 3.0 is the latest addition to the Koala continuous belay system and an evolution over the previous 2.1 model. This continuous belay trolley has added a swivel point to which the participant’s lanyard attaches, making traversing through the course more comfortable. Additionally, the Pouliz 3.0 features a new locking gate mechanism. The updated gate requires a proprietary tool to unlock, and once disengaged from the unlock point, the gate will automatically lock itself. The Pouliz 3.0 is compatible with the full line of Koala specialty hardware, including the Pouliz Handle, which can attach to the swivel point and make traversing a challenge course or zip tour easier for younger adventurers.


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