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The Koala Switch 2.0 is a continuous belay transfer system that allows for continuity onto vertical and swinging features, such as ladders, free falls, or giant swings, when used with a fall arrester. This updated version of the Switch has a more ergonomic design, making it easier for participants to slide their Pouliz continuous belay trolley onto the Switch station, and then lift the station so the trolley can slide across the lock onto the shuttle. The participant can then make his or her way through the obstacle before repeating the process in reverse on the other end, using the Switch to transfer the Pouliz trolley from the shuttle back onto the continuous belay lifeline.



The CIDJAY Harness from Challenge Access is designed specifically for comfort and security on aerial adventure courses and zip lines. The design makes gear-up simple; it has an attachment strap that goes up over the head and buckles in the back. The CIDJAY’s “comfort folds” at the neck and thigh, and elastic thigh straps, provide additional support when fully extended. An optional, patent-pending phone pocket securely carries mobile devices. The CIDJAY is manufactured and tested to Sport EN norms. It is available in two adult sizes and a children’s model.



The Skylotec Deus 7300 automatic descender allows for hands-free, everyday use. The Deus 7300 is designed to replace manual repel systems, working in both directions to automatically reset after each participant. The patented “Soft Engagement Technology” provides a gentle transition to prevent possible shock loads that could lead to injury. The speed-limited device is equipped with four redundant brakes for maximum flexibility and control. The Deus 7300 is designed for participants weighing between 66 and 310 pounds. It has a maximum descent speed of two meters per second, and maximum descent height of 590 feet.



The SPS Filets Jump Mattress is designed for use in conjunction with free fall devices and belay systems to soften the landing when participants reach the ground. It consists of a foam mat with a density of 20 kg/m3, same as that used in several other SPS Filets padding products, and a PVC tarpaulin cover. The mattress has eight fixed eyelets used to secure it to the ground. The dimensions of the mattress are 2 m x 2 m x .2 m (6.6 ft. x 6.6 ft. x 8 in.). It can be deployed flat, or folded in half to 2 m x 1 m x .4 m (6.6 ft. x 3.3 ft. x 16 in.) for an even softer landing. The cover has a “bulls-eye” design as a landing target, and is available in green, blue, red, orange, and yellow.


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