New Products — Spring 2019


1. Resmark Systems Integrated Software

Resmark Systems recently launched a redesigned platform for its digital reservations booking system that integrates marketing, sales, and operations tools directly into a single application. The aim is to simplify sales and fulfillment for guests and operators alike, and to facilitate easier management overall. “It’s critical that no steps are missed from an initial website visit, to generating a lead, to following up automatically, to closing a sale, to communicating prior to an event, to collecting signatures [related to liability issues]and guest information, to posting trusted reviews,” says Chip Broyles, business development manager. A key feature of the platform is TrueConnect, which enables communications with other suppliers and resellers. This allows for customization of tour marketing details and pricing via the wide variety of distribution channels used by operators.

2. Kanopeo Saferoller Trolley V3

The new Saferoller Trolley V3 continuous belay trolley offers higher performance and “attractive pricing” in a package that is 30 percent more compact than previous versions. Key changes: the connection anchor is hot forged for increased strength and durability; a new Dyneema/nylon blend connection strap has a 360-degree swivel system that makes it easier for guests to move through the course. The double-lock evacuation system allows for safe and quick removal from and reconnection to the line in the event of an emergency evacuation. Wear parts are easily accessed and replaced. The Saferoller Trolley V3 conforms to EN15567 and the upcoming EN17109 standards.

3. French Creek 4330-XS Harness

French Creek’s 4330-XS is an extra small version of the 4300-series harness. This full body harness fits the smallest adventure course enthusiasts with an adjustable waist size from 14” to 30”. Constructed of heavy-duty webbing, and rated to 400 pounds, the 4330-XS meets both OSHA and ANSI standards. Harness features include: adjustable waist, leg, and torso, an additional front chest connection point to keep the rider upright, and fixed buckle connections so they cannot be taken apart. Standard harness comes in black, but many other color options are available.

4. Zip-Coaster Uplift System

The Zip-Coaster itself is a relatively new concept, a sort of hybrid zip line and mountain coaster, a zip line on a rail that includes curves and dips. The new Zip-Flyer Uplift System is a motor-driven tow cable system that transports Zip-Coaster riders to the highest point on the track and releases them onto the gravity-driven downhill portion of the track. This, along with an eddy current braking system and an anti-collision system, allows multiple riders to be on the track at the same time, increasing overall throughput. The Uplift System also makes it possible to locate the start and end points of the track in the same zone, which means as few as two staff may be needed to operate the ride.

5. Eldorado GlowHolds

The GlowHolds Interactive Climbing System adds a fun new element to indoor climbing walls, especially for kids. Interconnected wall-mounted hexagons—each with 12 pre-installed, light-up, programmable, touch-sensitive holds—work together to create routes and games across a configuration of the hexes. The touch-sensitive holds change colors when climbers touch them. The holds come pre-installed with a variety of games that can be tailored for single climbers or multiple players. GlowHolds can be managed using a cloud-based interface to configure, control, and monitor the holds. 

6. Walltopia Ninja Course

The Walltopia Ninja Course is a modular, steel structure that can be easily customized for different numbers of lanes and obstacles, depending on client preference and available space. There are more than 45 different obstacle options to choose from, with a wide variety of difficulty levels that can be tailored to the operator’s customer base. Course aesthetics can be enhanced with a variety of colors, including fluorescent paint, and custom branded padding.

7. MARK DescendALL

The DescendAll from MARK Save A Life is a descender device for ropes courses that works a bit like a yo-yo and can help speed throughput with faster participant descents. The device has two connections—as one climber is lowered, the second connection is sent upward for the next participant. The DescendAll has a simple design with no springs or complicated parts, so it’s easy to maintain with no required recertifications. The DescendAll works with 9 mm static rope and meets EN341 standards.

8. Hackwell Innovations AutoPrusik

The AutoPrusik from Hackwell evolves the tried and true prusik knot into a passive emergency arrest device, suitable for speeds up to 20 mph. When hit by a rider, the AutoPrusik activates the prusik without any action needed from the guide or rider. Designed to be versatile, it can be easily moved back and forth on the line; the stopping power itself can also be adjusted. These features allow the operator to set the AutoPrusik’s stopping power to suit the depth of the landing zone. The AutoPrusik can be an easy update to the traditional prusik knot and offers an additional level of risk management.

9. Sunkid World Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a hot category for consumers, and now it’s being adopted for project planning as well. Sunkid World’s 3D planning tool allows operators to experience a proposed project or installation in 3D and virtual reality before implementation. Interactive maps are customized to each project, to allow for a unique view of what an installation will look like before breaking ground. This can help save costs, offer a way to present projects to partners and investors, and provide guests an opportunity to view the experience in VR before arrival.

10. Deimos Radio Harness

The Deimos adjustable radio harness ($49) is a convenient way for staff to carry a radio while on course, hands free. The black slider fits harness webbing up to 45 mm (1 ¾”) wide. The adjustable radio pouch fits most radios. The internal Velcro straps can be extended to fit longer units, while the side elastics help keep the radio in place while at height.

11. Edelrid Gear Pilot

The Edelrid Gear Pilot system is a comprehensive tool for the registration, administration, and inspection of personal protective equipment (PPE). The comprehensive app allows operators to view reports about cycles of use or the condition of PPE. It also incorporates an alarm function to remind operators of the next scheduled inspection. An RFID scanner, available as an accessory, allows for the fitting of a transponder to equipment for easy tracking and documentation of PPE inspections. Qualified personnel can use the app to access step-by-step inspection instructions for visual inspection, mechanical function testing, and instructions for small repairs. All of this information is stored in a central database and can be accessed at any time.

12. TOMIS AI ChatBot

The TOMIS AI ChatBot is an online tool that allows your customers to ask those frequently asked questions, even when your operation has shut down for the night. Since the ChatBot is always on, it engages website visitors and customers at the moment they are looking for answers. The ChatBot lives on your business’s website, and either answers guest questions or directs customers to the appropriate page of your website where the answer, or more information, can be found. If the bot cannot answer the question, it sends the customer to the phone number or email address designated by the operator.

13. Koala Alpine Zip Emergency Brake

This tree-to-tree zip line emergency brake, designed to work in conjunction with the Koala continuous belay system, slows and then stops guests who arrive at the landing platform at a higher speed than the average rider, and prevents potential impact with the platform, or with the tree or pole to which the platform is attached. When a trolley comes into contact with the emergency brake, the absorber, which consists of tear webbing inside a zippered fabric pouch, progressively tears and decelerates guests.


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