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For the Adventure Park that appreciates the FallStop Adventure Safe Link SSB auto belay system, comes the new Safe Link SCOOTER. A set-up that efficiently combines the SSB with the trolley, making for a simpler experience and smoother ride for the guest and less wear and tear for park equipment. It is available in the USA from Ropes Park Benefits: No third lanyard or other trolley required; Decreases wear and tear on the SSB clips on high belay lines; Hardened plastic casters designed to be gentle on ropes and cables, allowing the Scooter to glide smoothly; Lightweight at just over 2lbs; Fits on both 3/8″ and 1/2″ wire ropes; Guests are more easily secured for faster thru-put. The Scooter integrates seamlessly with the SSB system, can be ordered as a complete set or ordered separately to upgrade to an existing SSB system. For more information or to order visit, call (203) 692-4644 or write


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