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LeahyIncLeahy & Associates, Inc. will be offering “The In-House Trainer Workshop,” April 13-15 in Boulder, Colo. As many operators do some level of in-house training, an in-house trainer is a key member of the staff. While a necessary part of an operation, there are risks, responsibilities, and industry requirements to be aware of.

The In-House Trainer Workshop will focus on the following areas:

Your qualifications as an in-house trainer:

  • overview and training philosophy
  • ACCT Standards: a description of the scope of training
  • the Qualified Course Professional (QCP): Trainer
  • trainer’s portfolio
  • the trainer’s development path

The structures/systems you will need to develop:

  • Course Operations Manual
  • Training Outline/Manual
  • job descriptions: student belayer, adult belayer, L1, L2, CCM, director/supervisor
  • staffing structures for daily operations
  • trainee pre-qualification: whom SHOULD you train?
  • exclusions: whom and what you SHOULD NOT train

Considerations for your administration:

  • time inventory to accomplish training
  • objectives: minimum hours attended, documentation of content and trainees
  • training/performance standards for your program
  • in-house testing/test protocol
  • liability, lawyers, and insurance: a brief look at your exposure
  • documentation

Participants must be at least 21 years of age and must own the 8th edition ACCT standards. Participants must have read chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the standards prior to the start of the course.

The 30-hour course costs $695. Discounts are available to early bird registrations.

For more information on the course, visit www.leahy-inc.com.


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