State of the Industry Survey

The State of the Industry Survey

The 2020 State of the Industry Survey has closed. Thank you to all the operators who participated!

Adventure Park Insider and The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) are collaborating once again on the upcoming State of the Industry Survey. Now in its fifth year, this survey has been significantly modified, to make it both easier to complete and to quantify the impacts of COVID-19 on the aerial adventure industry.

ACCT and Adventure Park Insider strongly encourage operators to participate in this industry-wide effort, as greater participation will increase the value and precision of the data and provide a clearer overview of the entire industry. This applies even to those operators who were not able to open in 2020 due to COVID-19, as their participation will help gauge the impacts of the novel coronavirus. To that end, operators will be asked to provide data from the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

“ACCT is excited to partner with Adventure Park Insider on the Industry Survey, and we’re hoping to significantly increase participation via outreach to our membership,” said Shawn Tierney, executive director of ACCT. “Good data and the insights that come from it are vital to understanding our evolving industry, so this year please take a moment to fill out the survey—and then sit back and reap the benefits of greater knowledge once the results are in!”

“The importance of documenting this season cannot be overstated. Identifying just how significant the impact of COVID-19 has been will help us looking ahead to 2021 and future years as we rebound and rebuild,” said Olivia Rowan, publisher of Adventure Park Insider.

A Letter from API and ACCT:

Dear Aerial Adventure Park Operator,

Adventure Park Insider and ACCT need your help. Please take some time to participate in the State of the Industry Survey. The data collected in this survey will help aerial adventure businesses map a path to success in 2021. The survey, now in its 5th year, can identify the silver linings, continued challenges, and trends to help us survive and thrive this pandemic.

It’s also important to know whether your business operated or not, and if it did, at what level it operated. This information helps API and ACCT determine how we can best support in the months ahead.

Why is this data incredibly valuable? The State of the Industry Report provides careful organization and analysis so that the data becomes insight, which can be the foundation to:

  • Building your business strategy
  • Improving performance
  • Marketing effectively
  • Targeting prospective customers
  • Better understanding your competition
  • Developing new products and services
  • And more

Good news! We have streamlined the survey this year. It will take less time and effort to complete the questionnaire. As always, the data you provide is aggregated so there is no way of identifying where the information came from.

For many of us, the way forward won’t be easy. During the next several months, it will be critical to plan for both the short and long term and valuable data and insights will help inform our decisions.

Thank you for your participation in this survey.

Be well,

Shawn Tierney, ACCT and Olivia Rowan, Adventure Park Insider

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information does the survey ask for?

The survey asks for business data including revenue and expenses, visitation numbers, staff information, marketing, historical performance, visitor demographics, operational information, etc. For assistance with collecting this data, refer to “Metrics that Matter”

What if my operation didn’t open in 2020 due to COVID-19?

We still want to hear from you! It is important to know how many operations were unable to open due to the pandemic, so even if your operation did not open in 2020, we encourage you to participate. 

How do I know my data will be kept private?

Your submission will be only be used for the purposes of this study and will not be shared with any third party. The report will share data in aggregated form only. There will be no way to identify individual submissions in the report.

I need to check on a data point, can I stop the survey and come back to it?

You sure can! As you navigate through the survey, the gray bar on the bottom of the page will show “Save & Continue”. This will allow you to submit your email and have a unique link sent that will let you come back to the survey later. If you have any trouble, email

What if I can’t/don’t want to share a specific piece of information?

If a question appears that you cannot answer or does not apply to your operation, you can leave it blank and continue to the next question. That said, we hope you will make every effort to fill out as many questions as possible.

Do I get anything for participating?

Participants will receive a discounted copy of the resulting report and be entered into one of several drawings for fabulous prizes throughout the duration of the data collection period!

I have questions about the survey and/or State of the Industry Report.

Just email and she’d be happy to help!

Here are a few articles to help you get prepared to take the survey:

Want to check out the previous reports? You can purchase the reports for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 here. 


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