State of Colorado Reauthorizes Use of QUICKjump and QUICKjump XL


On Monday, April 2, the State of Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety–Amusement Rides and Devices Program (OPS) released an update reauthorizing the use of QUICKjump and QUICKjump XL devices. 

Following a fatality involving a 20-year-old woman at Get Air at the Silo in Grand Junction, OPS initiated a statewide shutdown of the devices while the incident was investigated. Here is the full text of the announcement and associated notification:


Dear State of Colorado Amusement Rides and Devices Operators and Third-Party Inspectors,

The Division of Oil and Public Safety – Amusement Rides and Devices Program (OPS) has reviewed and considered input from several stakeholders regarding the recent shutdown of QUICKjump and QUICKjump XL devices in Colorado. Based on this review, OPS issues the [below]Notification to re-authorize the operation of these devices.

OPS will propose revisions to regulations with new language regarding free-fall device requirements. Stakeholder meetings will be held to discuss and consider input regarding this language.

If you have any questions regarding this notice or future regulation revisions, please contact Scott Narreau at [email protected] or 303-318-8495.



Operation of QUICKjump and QUICKjump XL Devices

April 2, 2018

Since January 5, 2018, following a fatal accident that occurred on January 4, 2018, at Get Air at the Silo on the Silo Cave free-fall decide, all devices in Colorado that include the QUICKjump and QUICKjump XL components have been shut down by the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety – Amusement Rides and Devices Program (OPS).

Prior to re-authorizing operation of these devices, OPS requires operators to implement the following requirements in addition to complying with the Amusement Rides and Devices regulations:

  1. The operator shall utilize a secondary attachment approved by the device manufacturer.
  2. The operator shall verify connections are properly made and maintained between the device and the patron’s harness.
  3. These requirements shall be documented in the operator’s manual.

The operator may re-open the QUICKjump or QUICKjump XL device to the public if the operator has implemented all of the requirements listed above and has notified OPS.

If you have questions regarding this notification, please contact OPS.


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