Ropes Park Equipment to Overhaul, Rebrand Bornack Belay System as LockD Clips


Ropes Park Equipment (RPE) has acquired the rights to redesign and rebrand the Bornack Smart Safe Belay System (SSB). RPE, a longtime distributor of the Bornack SSB, purchased the rights to the SSB from Bornack, whose new management has decided to exit the adventure recreation market. The SSB, which has not been updated for several years, will be rebranded as the LockD Clip.

Example rendering for illustrative purposes only. Courtesy of Ropes Park Equipment.

“We feel very strongly that the current SSB needs improvements to increase dependability and simplicity, as well as to provide a lower price point to compete with products currently on the market,” said RPE founder and CEO Bahman Azarm. “The new LockD Clips will address these shortcomings and provide resellers and users with a superior product.”

The new LockD Clips are still in development. RPE plans to deliver the updated smart belay system by April 2021.The new system will be compatible with existing Bornack SSB courses and can be retrofit for use on adventure park, canopy tour, or zip courses.

In the interim, RPE will continue to support the SSB by carrying and remanufacturing parts, with the exception of the carabiner head. To address immediate needs, used and reconditioned SSBs are available for sale or loan to RPE customers who pre-order LockD units. Reconditioned carabiner heads are also available for sale; the reconditioned heads will be exchanged with heads they are replacing.

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