Interzip Rogers Soars Over Ottawa River


Interzip Rogers, the self-billed first interprovincial zip line in the world, opened June 24 in Canada. The 1,200-foot-long zip crosses the Ottawa River, starting on Ontario’s Chaudière Island in Ottawa and ending in Gatineau, Québec.

At its highest point, the attraction sits 120 feet above the water. Accessed via a standalone tower, the Interzip Rogers has two parallel lines. Dueling riders can reach a top speed of 40km per hour and are stopped using a spring-loaded auto braking system.

A number of municipal, provincial, and federal partners came together to support the project, which is built on a developing 34-acre borderless waterfront community called Zibi that straddles the Gatineau and Ottawa riverfronts. Skyline, a Canadian zip line company with installations around the world, was brought in to build Interzip Rogers. The attraction is operated by the Québec-based team that runs Great Canadian Bungee.

Two guests zip across from Quebec to Ontario. Photo courtesy of Interzip.

A significant goal of the installation was to create an attraction that would unify Ottawa and Gatineau. Partners expect the project to substantially boost tourism and have a positive impact on businesses in both cities as Covid lockdowns lift.

“Interzip Rogers is a unique attraction that will make the region shine,” said Tourisme Outaouais president and CEO France Belisle. “It will undoubtedly become a must-do activity in summer 2021 for tourists and locals alike. It will also provide a showcase for entrepreneurs on this side [Quebec] of the river and bring a lot of goodwill to tourism businesses in downtown Gatineau, among others, which is welcome as we relaunch our tourism industry.”

“We are convinced that this unique and thrilling experience will give a helping hand to our merchants, restauranteurs, hoteliers, and other tourism businesses,” echoed Ottawa Tourism president and CEO Michael Crockatt.

The inaugural rides on the interprovincial Interzip were sold through an online auction to support local charities. A typical ticket costs 39 CAD online.


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