Head Rush QUICKJump Safety Alert


A participant enjoys the QUICKjump XL freefall device from Head Rush Technologies

On July 12, Head Rush Technologies issued a STOP USE safety alert for the QUICKjump XL with 3m Ripcord.

Out of an abundance of caution, Head Rush has issued the alert following an incident in the Netherlands on July 7 involving a webbing separation on the product in question. The incident resulted in a participant falling approximately 7-10 meters; the incident resulted in non-life threatening injuries. The separation has generated concern by Head Rush Technologies regarding the safe operation of QUICKjump XL with a 3m Ripcord. While the incident is under investigation, Head Rush is requiring the STOP USE of all QUICKJump XL devices with a 3m Ripcord until the investigation is complete and a root cause determined.

The STOP USE does not impact any QUICKjump XL units without a Ripcord or with a 1.5m Ripcord.

Head Rush Technologies has offered to provide, at no charge, 1.5m Ripcords upon request that can be used as a replacement to the 3m Ripcord until further notice. It is important to note that the maximum mounting height of the QUICKjump XL with 1.5m Ripcord is 21.8 meters (71.5 feet) from nozzle to ground.

If you have questions regarding the STOP USE, would like to request a 1.5m Ripcord, or have questions about mounting height, contact Head Rush Customer Service at 720-565-6885 or email [email protected]

View the official bulletin here: https://headrushtech.com/collateral/bulletins/SA0002_QUICKjump-XL-3m_Stop-Use.pdf



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