Letter from the Editors — Spring / Summer 2024


Prepping for Peak Season

Picture this: It’s high season. Business is booming. Operations are running like a well-greased trolley. Staff are smiling. You’ve had zero major incidents. Participants are sharing rave reviews. The weather has been sunny and mild.

If that’s not a perfect vision, we don’t know what is. But we do know it takes a ton of work to get there. There’s maintenance and inspections, hiring and training, marketing and booking—and often a short window in which to get it all done.    

After the flurry of spring action, hopefully summer affords you an opportunity to step back and watch your business flourish. Of course, that’s not to say operators should rest on their laurels. Things can turn on a dime. Understanding that reality, we’ve put together an issue full of stories to keep you sharp.

“Successful Sending” (p. 58) and “Not Safe for Work” (p. 28) offer insights about keeping your guests and staff safe. “Nothing But the Truth” (p. 24) has just-in-case advice to guide your media communications in the event an incident does occur. “Trees and Bad Weather” (p. 54) is there with expertise to support you if extreme weather strikes. Meanwhile, “The Brain and Fear” (p. 34) and “Capturing Customers” (p. 42) look at totally different tools to enhance the guest experience.

Add to that some introspection on industry standards and some excellent reporting on the industry’s most interesting products, people, and places, and you have a full issue to carry you through peak season and beyond.

A Fair Deal?

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—The Editors


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