Alert: Inspect Notice For Select Guardian Kernmantle Rope Horizontal Lifelines


Update: Please note, this notice has been updated to reflect the updated inspection/return process with Preferred Safety Products.

Preferred Safety Products has issued an inspection notice to buyers of Guardian Kernmantle rope horizontal lifelines. This is not a product recall, but a call for inspection. Preferred Safety Products has committed to assisting anyone with an affected product through this process to completion.

The Guardian Kernmantle rope horizontal lifeline (HLL)

The text of the notice:

If you have purchased a Guardian Kernmantle rope horizontal lifeline (HLL) from us before August, 2017, the manufacturer is asking that you stop use and inspect your lifeline. THIS IS NOT A PRODUCT RECALL, and there have not been any accidents or injuries related to this issue.

How to identify affected HLLs: Identify the HLL part #, which is located on the HLL label. If the HLL part # is included in this notice, immediately remove the product from service and inspect as specified by this notice.

If the shown “INSPECTED BY” label is affixed to the HLL tensioner, the product has been inspected by a Guardian representative, and can be returned to service and used as normal.

Part Numbers Affected:

  • #04638 (30’ Kernmantle Rope HLL)
  • #415TPEH-060 (60′ Kernmantle Rope HLL)
  • #04639 (60’ Kernmantle Rope HLL)
  • #04640 (100’ Kernmantle Rope HLL)
  • Any custom part that uses #04638, #04639, or #04640 as its base part.


STEP 1. Inspect Affected HLLs:

Distributors: Contact Preferred Safety Products regarding an on-site inspection by a PSP representative, or immediately return product to Preferred Safety Products for replacement as specified in Step 2.

End users: Inspect HLL tensioner to determine if rope is properly threaded, or contact PSP regarding an on-site inspection by a Preferred Safety Products representative.

End user inspection: With the tensioner nut facing you, and with the shock pack oriented to the right of the tensioner, ensure that the knotted (dead) end is positioned below the un-knotted (live) end. If dead end is positioned above live end, the rope is improperly threaded.

To confirm proper rope threading, pull on live end; the rope must remain locked. If the rope is improperly threaded, the device must be removed from service and returned to Preferred Safety Products as specified in Step 2. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE-THREAD ROPE.

To review an inspection video, click the following link: Kernmantle HLL Rope Threading Inspection

To view Guardian’s HLL inspection form, click the following link: HLL Inspection Form.

Step 2. What to do if HLL Rope is Improperly Threaded:

Customers with affected units should contact the Preferred Safety Products to coordinate repair.

Preferred Safety Products will issue a unique return authorization number (RA) for every return product shipment. DO NOT RETURN PRODUCTS WITHOUT AN RA NUMBER. Obtain a new RA number for each shipment.

All affected units will be repaired and returned to the customer by Preferred Safety Products free of charge (including all shipping costs). Customer Service will provide instructions for shipping returned product on PSP’s shipping account.

Please direct any questions to the Preferred Safety Products Customer Service Department. Email: [email protected]

Call: 1-800-301-3188


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