Zip Line Open at Grand Canyon West


The Hualapai Tribe, owners and operators of Grand Canyon West on the West Rim, have opened a zip line attraction at Hualapai Ranch, called the Zipline at Grand Canyon West. The two-line quad zip adventure will send guests nearly 1,000 feet above a side canyon on the western rim, reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

POV at the Zipline at Grand Canyon West

The lines are about one mile from the tribe’s Grand Canyon Skywalk attraction (see “Park 360: Walking On Air”), a glass walkway extending 70 feet out of the rim of the 4,000-foot-deep canyon. The zips feature four side-by-side cables, allowing groups to ride together. The first of the two zips measures approximately 1,100 feet in length. The second line stretches nearly 2,100 feet and comes complete with views of Quartermaster Canyon.

Grand Canyon West attracts over one million visitors per year. The zip lines complement a suite of facilities and services that include the Skywalk, helicopter and river tours, hikes, mine tours, and residential cabins, among others.


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