New Zip Lines Pop Up Across U.S. and Europe


A few notable additions to the international roster of zip lines and tours:

Bonsai Design is planning to open a new zip line that will span the Colorado River at Grand Junction, Colo., from the 12-acre Eagle Rim Park to the 130-acre Las Colonias Park on the opposite shore. The flight will take zippers 1,000 feet over the river, across Butterfly Lake and over parkland.

The new zip line is practically in Bonsai ‘s back yard: The company has offices in the Las Colonias Business Park and has been a key partner in developing Las Colonias Park, which offers a variety of river-based activities, from an amphitheater to dog parks. Eagle Rim includes a skate park, playground, trail system, and picnic shelters.

Bonsai has applied for planning permission for the zip line and is working on its design. The company hopes to have it in operation by the end of the summer.

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has opened two tandem zip lines, the Eagle Zip Adventure, with two separate rides that span more than 700 feet. The two separate tandem rides can be operated simultaneously. Ride times may vary, but the average time from loading to unloading is 5 minutes.

Riders board on a floating ride platform. Once seated and strapped in, riders are pulled backwards over Waterfowl Lake and up to a tower 150 feet above the zoo, offering riders views of the zoo and downtown Cleveland. After pausing for a moment at the top, riders are released for the ride back down to the starting platform, reaching speeds up to 35 miles an hour.

The Eagle Zip is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. as well as special evening events. Cost is $8 per rider or $7 for Zoo members.

The ride was engineered, constructed, and installed by Altitude Rides and Attractions, which manufactures the Soaring Eagle Zipline,  with site work by Regency Construction.

The pole-mounted Zipline Park at Kronberg in Switzerland combines ropes courses and zip lines in five separate tours. Located near the base station for the Kronberg aerial cableway, it encompasses 25 zip lines, ranging from 80 to 350 feet long, and 55 climbing elements. Of the five different courses, two are easier, three more difficult. Heights range between 13 and 35 feet. The easiest routes can accommodate guests from 43 inches tall. Other attractions at the park include sandboxes, climbing elements, a bobsleigh track, trampolines, and water games.

The new installation replaced one that was destroyed in a storm in 2018. The novel zip-and-climb concept was designed and built by faszinatour GmbH. Among the innovative elements is a “climbing crown” structure that was specially designed for the Kronberg.


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