The Status of the Standards


ACCT has been busy on several fronts in the development of standards. One of the most important: the proposed ANSI standard for construction and operations. The proposal is in the final stage—dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. That involves responding to the final few appeals from the Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA). This could happen as early as this spring.

While final approval is tantalizingly close, it could drag out for months.

“I know many people want to know a specific timeline for filing our paperwork with ANSI,” said ACCT executive director James Borishade. But he added, “this is not a standard that will or can be rushed for completion. We are more interested in ensuring that we have a fair, open, robust process and that we have the industry included in this process every step of the way.”

“We want to thank all of our volunteers who have participated in this process,” Borishade added. “Rest assured that your Board, staff and consultant share your vision for completion and are working to ensure that completion comes soon.”


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