Teen Unclips Herself from Zip Line, Drops Into Creek, Dies


During a zip line exercise in Arizona on May 7, 17-year-old ROTC student Marisa Trujillo intentionally released her safety clip and dropped 60 feet into the creek below. Within seconds, a safety diver was at the location where she entered the creek, but was unable to locate her in the murky water. Rescuers recovered her body about two hours later.

The Navajo County Sheriff’s office reported that Trujillo told other students of her intention to release herself from the zip line, and was urged not to. Chief Deputy James Molesa said other students have dropped into the creek in years past, but Chinle Unified School District Superintendent Quincy Natay disputed that report.

All ROTC exercises have been suspended, and activities will be under review. It is not clear whether the equipment used on the zip line or the ground school students go through before riding are also under review.


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Sarah Borodaeff is the former research editor for Adventure Park Insider magazine and current freelance contributor. A professional ski bum and former zip guide, Sarah enjoys any excuse to talk about outdoor adventures.

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