Summer 2020


Dear API Reader, 

We are so excited to share the Summer issue of Adventure Park Insider, chock full of resources to help your operation tackle many of the topics we are all facing in light of the current pandemic.

You may have noticed this issue is in a digital format. We have done this to adjust to doing business in this new normal.

This special digital issue allows you to:

  • Access the issue from anywhere, on any device.
  • Enjoy the highly interactive content, including links, videos, and more.
  • Early access to the content when it’s needed most.
  • Easily share articles with your team members.
  • Stay up-to-date as articles are updated to reflect this fast-changing environment.

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Letter from the Editors
Adaptability is the name of the game.

Park Briefs
The aerial adventure industry responds to the coronavirus with communal action.

New Products
A collection of items for the current climate.

Pick Your Platforms
Digital advertising requires smart targeting.

The Road to Recovery
Local marketing is critical to restoring business.

Park Spy
“How are you adapting to the coronavirus?”

Alternate Plans
The pandemic proves the value of financial planning and forward thinking.

Park 360
Converting old mines into aerial adventures.

Cancellation Policies
Accommodation assures guests during uncertain times. 

How to Sanitize Your Gear
There are no simple, quick solutions. Best bet for now: follow manufacturer guidelines.

Contactless Transactions
COVID-19 accelerates the push for advance digital reservations and waivers.

Getting Back to Work
Your staff (and you) deserve special attention during a stressful and unsettled time.

Take Your Training Online
Cyber-training options are expanding fast.

Personal Protection Products
Small items, from sunscreen to masks, can have a big impact with guests.

Navigating Insurance and Operations Changes
Key considerations, guidelines, and advice.

Creating Diversity in the Outdoor Industry
A six-step program can help you bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to your operation.


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