New Zip Line Tour Opens in Nebraska


Soaring Hawk Zip Line Tour, a five-line operation located in Nickerson, Neb., officially opened on March 14.

Soaring Hawk Zip Line Tour

The Soaring Hawk Zip Line at Camp Crossed Arrows

The Soaring Hawk course is situated at Camp Crossed Arrows, a Girl Scout camp, but is open to the public. It features 2,208 feet of cable across the five lines and takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. The first line is wheelchair accessible, and plans call for a ramp to be added to the second line to make it accessible as well. Texas-based Adventure Experiences built the $200,000 project over a period of three months.

The Girl Scout leaders had asked Scouts what they’d like to see added to the camp. Zip lines were consistently at the top of the list. “We’re thrilled it’s finally completed,” said Michael Davis, council property directory for Girls Scouts Spirit of Nebraska Council. “Each one has a little bit of a unique view of the grounds.”

Profits from the zip line will support Camp Crossed Arrows and other scout camps across the state.


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