New Labyrinth for the Little Ones


The Labyrinth, a self-contained outdoor attraction designed for kids aged 5 to 10, is the latest addition to the Adventure Park at The Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, Ct.


All kids using The Labyrinth wear harnesses.

Just like the grown-up version, all kids using The Labyrinth wear harnesses connected to safety lines and receive safety briefings. From there, they are set loose, under the supervision of parents and park staff. The park is built and operated by Outdoor Ventures, of Fairfield, Ct., and officials say The Labyrinth should be a big draw for group events such as birthday parties.


The Labyrinth complements 11 other aerial trails.

The Adventure Park is the largest aerial forest park in New England. The Labyrinth complements 11 other aerial trails that offer 21 zip lines and six difficulty levels, plus the Monkey Grove, an area of trees designed for rock-wall-style tree climbing. The park features numerous interconnected bridges spanning between elevated platforms.

All aerial trails are color-coded and offer suitable challenge levels from age 5 through adult. The easiest courses are coded purple and are tailored to climbers as young as five and six. The most advanced trails, double black, are suitable for experienced teens and adults. The park has eight intermediate trails of varying difficulty.

The park was the first of its kind in the state when it opened in the summer of 2012. In 2013, it and Outdoor Ventures were recognized with an award from the Connecticut Economic Resource Center.


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