How to Craft a Video That Sells Your Adventure


Keep Boredom at Bay

Let’s say you’ve so far succeeded at creating a professional video that sets your tour apart from others. Unfortunately, you’ve yet to face the most menacing obstacle in video marketing: boredom.

Excitement is the Holy Grail of marketing, making boredom our version of Kryptonite.

When people get excited, our bodies sends all kinds of physiological signals that make us feel aroused and impulsive. Impulsivity temporarily frees us of our inhibition, making it easier for people to act. Get someone excited and she’ll be more likely to engage with your blog, share something on social media, or buy your tour.

But zip tours and aerial parks slip up especially when it comes to these trouble spots:


Bell can back me up on this one. “The biggest fail is the music selection,” she says. A classical soundtrack will turn any action-packed video into an immediate snoozefest. Same with jazz. These genres simply don’t complement your experience. Your music will make or break the energy and excitement in your video.


Assume your audience has the attention span of a squirrel. Past 90 seconds, your video will push people’s limits.

It’s not just our attention spans either. We also like to retain a sense of control when we consume content. But unlike reading the headings of an article, there isn’t a good way to skim a video. If you give a person like that a 5-minute on-screen saga, good luck.

When it comes to video marketing, less is more.

Choose Your Subjects Wisely

The surest way to bore someone with your video is to put a boring person on screen. Part of what makes video so effective is that it’s an immersive experience. We can’t help but create an empathetic connection with the people we see on screen. You can thank the mirror neurons in our brains for that.

The flipside of this, however, is that your audience’s excitement will droop if you put someone on camera that shouldn’t be there. Someone with a monotone voice or with no facial expression north of a frown will kill the mood. It doesn’t matter how important that person is, you want someone on camera that will enliven your audience. Viewers will copy what they see on screen.

All of these tips boil down to one thing: keep up the excitement! No one will be able to resist a high-energy professional video that captures the essence of your tour.

Final Thoughts

Video has transformed the way we think about advertising and marketing. Take this time in your off-season to revamp this part of your strategy. As long as you master these tips, video could be the biggest asset in your marketing arsenal.

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