The Power of a Calm Check-In

When we travel, there’s A LOT of checking-in. Hotels, airports, restaurants, car rentals, tours, etc. Even the phrase check-in conjures up thoughts of simultaneously being in a hurry and waiting at the same time; sometimes with things in our hands that we want to put down, with staff that are tired of dealing with lines of anxious people. Most places we go, checking-in is the formality that stands in the way of what we actually want to do.

Singenuity allows guest to view the upcoming reservation at self-service kiosks.

And yet, a positive check-in experience can change our perception of an entire company and its product or service. A negative check-in experience can do the exact same.

Do you spend enough time focusing on your check-in experience?

For better or worse, it is a part of your brand. It can change how guests remember you. It’s the difference between “That was fun! 4 stars!” and “What a first-class operation! 5-stars!” Exceeding expectations is what drives word-of-mouth for your business.

The good news is enhancing your check-in experience is low-hanging fruit! A few tweaks and it can go from hectic and disorganized to calm and collected. Here’s some thoughts on what a calm check-in looks like:

  • A calm check-in is clear and informative. Does the guest know what is expected of them when they arrive? Do they need to complete their waiver? Do they owe money? What can/should they bring with them? Where can they put their things? How long will they be waiting? Is this their last chance to use the bathroom?

    Guests worry about these things. As operators we can’t forget that it’s their first time going through this. Some guests are already apprehensive about the adventure they signed up for, and added confusion about what they should be doing beforehand will only add to their anxiety.

    Answering all the main questions a guest may have before they even ask gives off a professional, you’re-in-good-hands vibe and can immediately ease their apprehension.

  • A calm check-in is personal. A stressful check-in focuses on the logistics – when, who, how? A calm check-in focuses on the guest.

    This is done by making logistical decisions – including which guides are assigned to which guests – all before the guest arrives. Expecting your staff to make those decisions after the guest arrives will cause incredible stress, and stressed-out staff is the sure-fire way to never have a calm check-in.

    Invoke calm into your check-in by acting as if you are expecting the guest (which you are!). Don’t just acknowledge the guest, greet the guest! Find out who they are and where they’re from. If needed, change your mindset: as soon as the guest arrives and walks through the doors, that is when their experience with you begins – not when their tour time starts.

By making these small tweaks, you can turn your check-in experience from a formality to an extremely valuable part of the guest experience. Don’t underestimate the power of a calm check-in.

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Adam Thompson leads business development for CLIMBWorks and Singenuity.

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