ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Five Elements of Aerial Adventure Park Feasibility


Bottom Line

While no single factor listed here will make or break your plan, it is important to assess all these criteria . At the same time, no feasibility study is 100 percent predictive; there are always factors, favorable and not, that are hard to predict or anticipate.

The essential outcome is to catalog a business’ strengths and weaknesses. A few key strengths can, in many instances, more than offset some apparent weaknesses. We have seen low marks in each of these categories at one point or another, and have seen parks adopt positioning strategies to offset each risk factor. Recently, for example, one of our clients was handicapped by having little area available for parking. The operator partnered with a property owner next door, created some co-marketing opportunities, and now both companies are profiting from this arrangement.

It’s also important to know that, after thoroughly exploring the five areas outlined here, many aerial adventure parks have surpassed their financial projections. So do your research, crunch those numbers, and make your best estimates of what it will take to be successful before getting started.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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Paul Cummings is president of Strategic Adventures, and has been offering business development services to challenge course programs, zip line/canopy tours, corporate teambuilding centers, summer camps, and outdoor education programs for nearly a decade. For more info, contact


  1. Thomas Barret Lyne on

    I would very much like to do a zip-coaster venue on my ranch in Texas. I am overwhelmend with the new technology and do not know where to start nor how to get started.

    Please contact me.

    Thomas Barret Lyne

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