Camelback Debuts Restyled Mountain Slide


Camelback Mountain Adventures in Pennsylvania debuted a newly redesigned Alpine Slide this past weekend. The newest version of the Slide, updated by Camelback co-owner and Alpine Slide manufacturer Aquatic Development Group (ADG), includes a new track material and new carts, but with the traditional bobsled-like ride. The Slide joins the already extensive attractions of Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark and CMA.

The restyled mountain slide at Camelback

Camelback’s new installation has two dueling chutes that run 2,800 feet. The sleds carry one or two riders down the side of the mountain through multiple dips, high G-force turns, and tunnels.

“Recent advances in both track and sled design have greatly improved the overall safety and rider experience over the original version of the Alpine Slides,” said Ken Ellis, president of ADG. The new Mountain Slide is made of non-abrasive fiberglass track, which ADG says is a smoother riding surface than the older poured-concrete tracks. The redesigned carts are equipped with a new speed-limiting mechanism as well as a rider-controlled hand brake, which together serve to increase guest safety without negatively impacting the thrill of the ride. Carts are also now equipped with rear wheels, to avoid fishtailing, according to ADG.

Camelback was home to one of the first Alpine Slides, which ran from 1977 to 2003, so the attraction is no stranger to Camelback visitors. “The Alpine Slide has real sentiment among those guests who grew up coming to the Pocono Mountains and Camelback Resort,” said resort co-owner Arthur Berry III. “We are really excited to bring back a new and improved version of this iconic attraction from ADG, and many of our guests tell us they’re looking forward to sharing this nostalgic ride with their own children.”


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