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Customers of the Fotaflo photo and video marketing platform and The Flybook booking engine can now set up automated birthday emails to past guests in Fotaflo. Automated birthday messages are sent out before a customer’s birthday, reminding them of birthday party packages, discounts, and other exclusive offers from the business (adventure park, zip line tour, etc.) sending the message. The reminders include the customer’s photos taken during their experience at the activity or tour, adding personalization. According to Fotaflo, the birthday message emails result in high open and click-through rates.



The Safari Tram from Specialty Vehicles is an off-road capable people-moving solution. The vehicles have a Ford 6.2L gasoline engine for hill climbing and load carrying. They seat between 12 and 30 people and include many features for a safe, convenient, and comfortable ride, including weather enclosures on the top and sides, padded bench seating, bamboo wood plank flooring, and more. Other vehicle features include a PA system, four marine-grade speakers, an anti-corrosion treated frame, and 14-gauge Jet Kote steel sidewalls. The Safari Tram is street legal, and is customizable to match branding needs. Options include a diesel engine, ADA accessibility, and a Chevrolet, GMC, or Dodge Ram chassis.



The Ocho + and Ocho Max are the latest iterations of the Vertical Trek Innovations safety hook for continuous belay systems. Both are constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy with a replaceable rubber outer guard to help minimize damage and extend the life of the hook. A replaceable steel wear plate helps to indicate product wear and can be replaced in-house. The Ocho Max features a locking swivel gate that can be unlocked with a special tool for quick course extractions.



Cloud Climb from Walltopia is a cross between a traditional playground and a maze. The net-enclosed structures allow children ages 4-14 to safely play at height without the need for a harness. Cloud Climb is offered in a range of standard models to fit the environment of different spaces and facilities. Structures and colors can also be customized to fit a space and match branding. The structure is hot-dip galvanized and then painted, making it resistant to corrosion and suitable for outdoor or indoor use. The platforms can be flat or curved and made from plywood or fiberglass. Nets can be made from steel or polyester, and anti-climbing netting is available to prevent climbing on the outside of the structure. Cloud Climb meets EN 1176 playground safety standards.



Revl has adapted its automated video recording and editing technology specifically for zip line tours. It utilizes Revl’s AI model in combination with RFID and Bluetooth technology to create a personal highlight reel of the guests’ experience, which they can purchase on site. Revl automatically edits the entire video and delivers it to guests via email through the cloud. The videos are branded and optimized to share on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), providing additional free exposure for zip line tours that offer it.



ISC completely redesigned its rigging pulleys to produce the new 200 Series, which are up to 150 percent stronger than their predecessors. To increase strength, ISC reshaped and redistributed the material in the hot-forged aluminum frames, changing the way the pulleys perform under load. The new axle/ frame interlocking design uses heat-treated hardened stainless-steel axles. The 200 Series also features the new patent-pending, low-profile SafeLock locking mechanism. There are three size options: RP248, RP251, and RP255. They range in minimum breaking strength from 22,481 lbf to 67,442 lbf, and are compatible with rope diameters up to 3/4 in. (20 mm). The ISC 200 Series Rigging Pulleys meet the CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and UKCA Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 standards.



ZipZag is a gravity-fueled aerial amusement ride suited for indoor or outdoor applications. Riders are harnessed with their lanyards connected to a trolley that travels along an overhead rail that curves and dips. The ZipZag is fully customizable to fit space and design requirements. In addition, there are options for different platforms, multi-stage rides, and the Freerun parkour system. A ZipZag installation includes trolleys, harnesses, staff training, and rigging load assessment. It meets ASTM F24 and ADIPS standards.


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