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UGC Can Be a Two-way Street

If we look back at the reasons why someone posts content about your business, our reason number one is to start a conversation with you. When a follower posts content to your profile, the worst thing you can do is not let them know you appreciate it.

These individuals want you to notice them and acknowledge what they have to say. Yet, marketer Milena Regos finds that, “Too many brands still have not figured out that social is a two-way street.”

It’s easy to keep the conversation going, though. Just show some love for the person posting. It’s the same principle as a teacher putting a gold star on your homework.

“In general, people enjoy being acknowledged for their contributions and efforts on social media,” says content marketing consultant, Brian Honigman. “Sometimes a simple, ‘way to go!’ can encourage a customer to continually interact with your brand.”

Even if people aren’t already posting to your accounts, do some research to see who might turn into a brand ambassador. Who’s publishing high-quality content on the accounts you care about? They don’t need to have the most followers (though that certainly helps); the content just needs to be relevant for your audience. That means not just zip line or adventure park posts, but also posts about your hometown, the outdoors, or whatever generally appeals to your customers.


Retweeting your followers’ posts is a quick and easy way to reward them for posting. Also, look for ways to incorporate other UGC from outside your network that could build your brand.

Cannonsburg does a great job of rewarding followers and sharing content from around the Twittersphere.

Can UGC Work for You?

We’ve talked about the superior marketing influence UGC can have, why people bother to share content, and a few tactics to encourage such behavior. Now, it’s up to you to implement a version of this marketing strategy in your business.

Some tour companies have found that reviews can be such powerful content that they virtually form the business’s entire marketing strategy.

Before you embark on a new UGC marketing initiative, make sure you have a plan. What are your goals and how will you measure your efforts? Without this planning, there’s no guarantee that UGC will work for your zip tour or adventure park.
The good news is, winter is the best time to dive deeply into your marketing strategy for next season. Time is now on your side. Use it wisely.

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