Vertical Axcess and Tower Gear to offer Training Classes for Work at Height


Vertial Axcess and Tower Gear – Petzl Technical Partners– will be offering the following courses for work-at-height professionals.

Rope access training with Vertical Axcess.

Rope access training with Vertical Axcess.

Petzl Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Inspection Work at Height Equipment- Competent Person Training:

In this class, participants will learn to examine work-at-height PPE using the Petzl protocol, and how to create an effective PPE-management system. It will also cover the legal and regulatory aspects of periodic PPE inspection for protection against falls from height. And finally, learn the responsibilities of directors, health & safety managers, and persons responsible for management, inspection or training in the use of PPE for protection against falls from height.

Fall Protection Training:

OSHA and industry standards require employees, including those employed by aerial adventure parks, to be trained for workplace hazards. This course will help the employee identify hazards, inspect, test and use fall protection systems and protective equipment. The participants will have the clear understanding of the necessity of 100 percent connection, 100 percent of the time, to a proper attachment point.

Authorized Rescuer:

This course is designed for workers in aerial adventure parks that face a variety of rescue situations, involving other workers and the public. The best way to effectively respond to rescue emergencies is to first identify its possibility, and then rehearse your reactions. By doing this, you can identify any potential hazardous situations that might prevent you from performing a quick and safe rescue of anyone who has fallen at height, or another type of incident.

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