Treetop Trekking 1000 Islands to Open in Ontario


Treetop Trekking 1000 Islands is scheduled to open May 14, located between Gananoque and Brockville on the 1000 Islands Parkway in Ontario at the site formerly operated as Skywood Eco Adventure Park, which closed in 2020. The park is opening in partnership with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC).

The SLPC originally hired Treetop Trekking to design and build the park in 2015. SLPC operated it at a loss before it closed in 2020 when Covid-19 first hit. The commission still owns the site and has contracted Treetop Trekking to operate it. The company now has 14 locations across Ontario and Quebec. 

“This was a decision we made some time ago, to look at the idea of having a partnership, and we’re very fortunate that we landed with the original designers of this site,” said SLPC chair Bob Runciman. “We couldn’t do better in my view.”

Featuring seven different aerial courses, the park appeals to all ages, offering guests the option to gradually progress through the desired difficulty with some sections reaching heights of up to 40 feet. A treehouse village and a discovery course also offer children as young as 5 years old the opportunity to play.

“We’ve got bridges, we’ve got balance logs, and of course, zip lines are mixed in too, so that’s everyone’s favorite part,” marketing director Mike Stiell told CTV News. “We have activities for all ages, which makes it a great place to come and visit.” 

Runciman noted that the partnership may open new opportunities for future development of services and activities on the 32-acre site. 



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