Sterling Rope Launches “Freedom to Focus” Podcast


Sterling Rope has released a new podcast series called “Freedom to Focus,” designed to celebrate the accomplishments of those who work and play at height. Hosted by professional rock climber Kevin Jorgeson, the podcast will cover a wide range of topics and personal experiences of rock climbers, rescue workers, arborists, fire fighters, and others. 

In the first episode, released on March 27, Angela Hawse, a professional climbing guide, recounts her experience as deputy leader on the first adaptive ascent of Mount Everest. Episode two, which is scheduled for release in April, will feature Rachel Brudzinski, an arborist who suffered a traumatic back injury after her partner cut her from her rope in a rescue attempt. She has made an incredible recovery, coming back to set up a training program for arborists to ensure accidents like hers won’t happen again.

“Sterling has spent the last 25 years creating products that give our customers the freedom to focus on the task at hand,” said Liz McLellan, director of marketing. “We want to celebrate those zen-like moments, where people feel their gear fade into the background and focus on accomplishing the unthinkable.”

“The ‘Freedom to Focus’ podcast is rooted in curiosity, which is what drives a lot of things I do,” said Jorgeson. “I’m curious to learn from this series about what helps people thrive at height. I know climbers are an obvious slice of this population, but I’m looking forward to sharing different perspectives from arborists, firefighters and others with our listeners.”

Freedom to Focus will air each month. Listen to the first episode here:


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