Spotlight on Soft Goods


Soft goods, the fiber ropes, the harnesses, the gift shop t-shirts, all key ingredients in the aerial adventure park recipe. We’re shining a spotlight on soft goods to help you make sure the mix is just right.

evidence of broken fibers

Look and Feel
By Rob Manson
An overview of fiber life safety rope inspection.

Settling Down for a Long Winter’s Nap
By Don Stock
Attend to these seven aspects of park management to get set for your next season.

Cashing In on the Extras
By Catherine Doucette
Souvenirs and accessories provide a service to guests and add revenues for operators.

The Harness
By Don Stock
Insights about all things harness, with our editors’ guide to the latest products.

Rocking Alt Revenue
By Moira McCarthy
Adventure parks discover the simple pleasure of revenue from retail and F&B.

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