Omega Pacific Notice of Inspection and Return


Omega Pacific has requested that owners of the Dura Draw system inspect and return specifically identified Dura Draws due to potential defects. This notice affects two specific lot numbers and has been isolated to the steel wire-gate, captive-eye carabiners used in the Dura Draw system. Omega Pacific

The manufacturing defect was discovered during an internal quality assurance review and was found not to comply with ISO 9001 standards. This defect has not resulted in any injuries.

The inspection notice is limited to Dura Draw wire-gate, captive-eye carabiners with the following combination of specific characteristics: Dura Draw lot number, carabiner lot number, and date of purchase.

Customers are asked to inspect their Dura Draw systems to identify if their product has:

Item Number: DURAQD

Lot Number: TB1017 or UC0318

Carabiner Lot Number: Lot 17P2 or Lot 18P1

If the product was purchased between 9/27/2017 and 07/01/2018, customers are asked to return the products to Omega Pacific for detailed inspection. If you have any doubt about whether or not the product should be returned to Omega, please contact them at [email protected]


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