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Adventure Park Insider rounded up several new products for adventure park operators with the idea of boosting operational efficiency, pleasing guests, and providing a better all-around experience.

ISC D4PRO Work/Rescue Descender ISC D4PRO

The D4PRO Work/Rescue Descender is the first “Pro-Series” from ISC. The D4PRO descender was developed based on feedback from “pro” users and eliminates the panic brake included in the standard D4. This can be particularly useful on longer descents and in rescue/belay applications where a broader sweet spot is desired. The descender weighs 24oz and has a load rating of 550lbs, accommodating a rope size of 10.5-11.5mm. As the D4Pro does not incorporate a panic-brake function, the device does not meet NFPA and ANSI standards. The D4PRO is fully certified to EN 12841 standards.


SkynetChallenge Towers Skynet Play System 

The new Skynet Play System is a flexible, enclosed aerial adventure system. The Skynet course eliminates the need for outfitting and orientation, as participants can make their way through the netted course independently without the use of a belay system. The course can be installed on trees or poles in many different configurations and can include rooms, tunnels, obstacles, passages, mazes, slides, treehouses, and more. The course can be installed in 6-8 weeks and is constructed of ASTM certified materials.



The ABSORBICA is a compact energy absorber for use in combination with a Petzl JANE lanyard to create a fall arrest lanyard. The ABSORBICA is equipped with tear webbing inside a zippered fabric pouch, protecting the energy absorber from abrasion and also allowing for regular inspection. The progressive tearing reduces the impact force on the user in case of a fall and reduces the deceleration on lighter-weight users. The ABSORBICA is certified to CE EN 355 and EAC standards.

Crazy Seat

SPS filets Crazy Seat

The Crazy Seat from SPS filets is a braided mesh polyamide seat allowing young children to enjoy a low-height zip in a comfortable seated position while holding onto two mesh handles that keep the hands and arms tight to the riders torso. Suspended from a pair of straight 16mm shackles, the Crazy Seat can be easily attached to the zip attraction. Spreader kits are also available for the Crazy Seat.



Resmark Systems WaiverSign 2.0 WaiverSign

Resmark Systems has relaunched its WaiverSign digital waiver to meet the API demands of its changing client field. The new WaiverSign platform API (application programming interface) allows other reservation and customer relationship databases to share customer data directly to and from WaiverSign, providing a simple way to collect customer information. The updated program also allows for the ability to define and capture customized information from each signer beyond the standard contact fields.


XQuadVertical Trek Innovations X.Quad

The Vertical Trek Innovations X.Quad is a new bifurcation cross plate for its QuickTrekker continuous belay system. The new plate, which replaces the old ACB 7–6 crosses, has no projecting edges on the milled outline. The X.Quad has a resistance of eight tons and is compatible with both the ACB 4–10 and Seven hooks. The X.Quad also offers the possibility of color-coding the various sides to indicate to guests the various routes of travel. The sides can also be customized with the operator’s logo.


Perfect Descent Direct Drive Auto Belay Perfect Descent

Perfect Descent has released the all-new Direct Drive auto belay. The Direct Drive is fully weather-sealed for use both indoors and outdoors and features an updated mounting handle to provide greater installation flexibility and separate eyes for backups. The wear-resistant nozzle ensures smooth and consistent lanyard retraction over time and eliminates the need to replace the nozzle with each lanyard replacement. The auto belay retracts at two feet per second and complies with prevailing CE and EN safety regulations.


GripZipKanopeo GripZip Hand Brake Support

The GripZip is a hand-brake support designed to protect from abrasion and heat buildup during zip line braking, abseiling, or braking action on a wire rope. The GripZip can be worn independently or over a glove. It features an adjustable Velcro closure for better fit and is fully reversible for use on either hand. The GripZip is made of premium leather and the wear piece can be easily removed and exchanged when necessary.


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