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Do you have a clever solution for a common problem? We’re looking for good ideas to include in Adventure Park Insider’s “Idea Files.” If we use your idea, we’ll send you an Adventure Park Insider hat. 

The following is just a sampling of common situations that operators like you encounter—and need to find creative solutions to—that’s where you come in! Send us your ideas for any of the following- though there are plenty more we haven’t thought of!

Do you have participants show up with inappropriate shoes, or no shoes at all?

How do you handle guests with long hair?

How do you care for gloves?

What do you do if participants show up in inappropriate clothing, hoodies, loose clothing, items with fringe, etc…?

How do you secure loose items like mobile devices, cameras, or eyeglasses?

How do you deal with mud?

What are some tricks you utilize to make your registration area as efficient as possible?

Do you have any fun ways of making difficult processes (registration, gear up, etc…) easier?

Send your solutions to [email protected]!


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Sarah Borodaeff is the former research editor for Adventure Park Insider magazine and current freelance contributor. A professional ski bum and former zip guide, Sarah enjoys any excuse to talk about outdoor adventures.

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  1. I think it would be good to see an article about research done on the challenge course industry. In particular, I’d like to know what research has been done to show the benefits of challenge courses (traditional and pay to play). I’m a grad student and a couse manager and am currently working on a research project of my own about how challenge course trainings effect communication and encouragement among teams.

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