First Rollglider Zip Coaster Planned for New Cruise Ship


The Sun Princess from Princess Cruises will launch February 2024 with the first Rollglider zip coaster to be installed on a ship.

Inspired by the thrill of “free flying” experienced in paragliding, the Rollglider is an “aerial roller coaster zip line” that allows riders in a seated harness to zip along an overhead rail that can turn, dip, and spiral. The Sun Princess installation, dubbed Sea Breeze, uses an electric trolley to propel passengers on a 60- to 90-second panoramic tour of the ship’s top deck at speeds of up to 11 mph.  

The zip coaster will be a feature of the ship’s Park19 family activity zone, which will span three upper decks and offer nine different attractions, including a climbing wall, an obstacle course, a splash zone, hammocks, and an open-air observation deck. 

“Park19, as the name suggests, is a new space created for all our guests, including activities to bring together multi-generational travel families in a location with spectacular views and fun outdoor activities for all,” said Princess Cruises president John Padgett in a media release. “The new area was tailored based on guest feedback for more family and group activities spaces.”

Sun Princess is the first of Princess Cruises’ new Sphere class of ships, and the largest in its fleet. It has a 4,314-passenger capacity based on double occupancy, and will be the first ship to run on liquefied natural gas. It is currently under construction in Italy, and is expected to launch in Florida in February 2024.


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