Eldorado Climbing and Walltech Partner


Climbing wall manufacturers Eldorado Climbing (Eldo) and Walltech have partnered to expand their respective markets and offer a broader range of technologies, products, and services. 

Through the partnership, Colorado-based Eldo will be able to more easily accept projects in Europe and abroad, and European Walltech will be able to more consistently work in the United States. “We’re not competing for business, we are casting a wider net together,” said Eldo CEO Kevin Volz.

The partnership will also allow technologies to be shared across the two companies. For example, “Since Walltech does not manufacture glass-fiber composite panelized systems or concrete walls, the partnership with Eldo gives us a wider portfolio of services we can offer,” said Walltech CEO Tomáš Sládek. Likewise, Eldo plans to use Walltech’s plywood panelized system to provide wood-based outdoor climbing products to its customers.

In addition, through the partnership, the companies intend to develop supply chain efficiencies in paint, coatings, and building materials, as well as share best practices and research and development.

The companies have written agreements guiding compensation allotment, but the “agreement is informal rather than legal,” said Volz. “This is a different approach to a partnership. It is about sharing, not taking.”

Eldo and Walltech were already pursuing projects together throughout 2021 in various locations across the globe, including the Middle East. “We have a lot of collaborative projects in the bidding phase spread in many countries outside of EU,” said Sládek. “The pandemic slowed things a lot, but 2022 will be great!” 


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