Park Spy February 2015


Welcome to Park Spy, in which we call parks anonymously and put customer service to the test with a delicate question. Have any suggestions for us? Send Liz Mettler ([email protected]) your questions and, if we use one, you’re immune for one issue!

THE QUESTION: I’m planning a visit to your park, but my husband is a bit on the heavier side and wants to make sure he can join in on the family fun. Does your park have any weight restrictions?


First Contact: Female.
API: Stated question.
Staff: Uh, we don’t have a weight restriction, but our harness will fit up to a size 48-inch waist. So… (Silence…)
API: OK. So there’s no weight limit? It’s basically the person’s size?
Staff: Yes. (Silence…)
API: Alright, well I’m pretty confident his waist is not that size, but I will double check. And so then he can participate in everything that you guys have?
Staff: Yes. (Silence…)
API: Alrighty then, thanks for your help.

Rating: 5
Comment: Give me a little more enthusiasm, girl!
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