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First Contact: Female.
API: Stated question.
Staff: Mm-hmm, yeah, no problem. Well, um, we do not have any weight restrictions. There is however, a, ah, well, our harnesses are designed to fit up to a 44-inch waist.
API: Got it. So it’s not so much the weight, but the size?
Staff: It’s not weight, it’s not weight at all. No it’s more size and shape I guess you could say. We try to keep it simple. The harnesses are designed to fit up to 44-inch waists. And it’s the waist size, not the hips.
API: Great. And I think he’ll fit into that, and I can measure when I get home tonight to be sure! And then he’d be able to participate in everything you guys offer?
Staff: Yup! There are no other restrictions.
API: Fantastic. Thanks so much!
Staff: Sure thing. Have a great day!

Rating: 5
Comment: It’s just that simple… I guess?

First Contact: Female.
API: Stated question.
Staff: Uh, it’s 275.
Staff: It says 250 on the website, but it’s actually 275. We just give ourselves a little cushion there.
API: Well, I think he’s right around 250 or so.
Staff: He’s absolutely fine then.
API: Alright. Um, well I guess that’s it then. I just wanted to make sure he could do it. Thanks so much.
Staff: Of course. What day are you looking at coming?
API: We’re not quite sure yet, probably after the holidays. We’re visiting some friends in the area over the holidays and they suggested that you guys have a great park and to come check it out. I’m just not sure exactly which day we’re coming.
Staff: No problem. Just to give you a heads up, if you can buy your tickets by Friday and reserve over the phone it’s only $X when it’s normally $XY. And again the caveat is it can’t be used ‘til after Christmas. But you’re going to fall into all of those parameters, so that could work for you!
API: That sounds great! Thanks for the tip. I assume it’s some kind of online booking special?
Staff: Yup! It’s a Christmas special.
API: Well, that’s great to know. Thanks! I will keep that in mind and try to call you back by Friday.
Staff: Thank you!

Rating: 6.5
Comment: Do they give themselves a “cushion” on any other safety protocols?! Extra points however for the discounted ticket tip!
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